An Advanced Guide to COMRADESHIP

Hmm. An essay about friendship. How does that sound for your first assignment? As easy as ABCs.

Let’s begin by listing out the primary ingredients that go into preparing this formula. Shall we? ­

  • Start with an excerpt from Kahlil Gibran’s poem, “ For without words, in friendship… “ or we could do a Ralph Waldo Emerson. Whichever seems to have a deeper meaning to it. *roll eyes*­
  • Throw in cheesy quotations at regular intervals. “Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.” (Aww…! *not*) ­
  • Colour your article with the chaos of nouns – Trust, Kindness, Shared memories, Unconditional love and this and that and sugar and spice and every damn thing that’s nice. ­
  • Don’t forget to make pop culture references; 3 Idiots, Animal House. Maybe even Harry Potter! Why not? Harry, Ron and Hermione show us how valuable friendship is, do they not? Plus, we could mention sitcoms like Community and Undeclared. ( Hums quietly “I can’t count the reasons I should stay… ) ­
  • Finally, when it might seem that you’ve got the right texture, leap at this chance and entice the audience with a promising segment, allowing them to embark on a roller-coaster that first traverses through memories, anticipation and blind hope before plummeting into euphoria. *evil laugh*

Cliched. The same old wine passed on to every bottle, glass and container. It bores me to tears!

Moreover, the amount of sugar that goes into coating these write‐ups would have been of greater use if catered to the likes of Kenya. In my defense, I don’t have anything against friendship. It’s great! An absolutely delightful expedition. Just that it gets so much harder once you get older. No?

We begin the frivolity soaked student lives with the anxiety and expectations of meeting new people and discovering one’s true passion and interests. And usually when it comes to the former, one quickly makes a group of the first few people they have met, hang out between (rather, during) classes, eat together, watch movies in the rooms and the list goes on. For about a month, or maybe even a semester it will seem like you folks have a lot in common and that you are meant to be friends for life.

Well, Knock, Knock!

Who’s there?

It’s reality! Things fall apart here. Turns out once the newness is settled, you didn’t really have much in common. Our early buddies might not really share our enthusiasm towards football or rock music or sitcoms. Absolutely fine on the surface, but no depth whatsoever. Well, hang in there! You’re not alone.

Also, it’s not your fault. Neither is it theirs. It doesn’t mean that they’re bad people or that you have made bad choices. It’s just that you–and they–have now reached a new stage in social development.
(Wow! Look at me sounding all serious and knowledge‐y.)

While you struggle to figure your passions out and experiment with your interests, amidst tackling all your deepest fears, you will eventually realize that the truth is, you can get along with almost anyone if you want, for if all you want is to talk, talking about nothing is also fine. Maybe, you will find people who “get” you and who’ll be there for you no matter what. Maybe not.

But do remember that friendships change; adjusting by degrees to demands that one can’t really comprehend. Some enriching while some, intimidating.

With that, the introductory class comes to an end. It’s a very simple course and participation is encouraged as well as appreciated. It is your turn now, for I have found a huge bunch of people around whom I can be my weird, awkward self. Common interests or not, I know I’ll love them till the end of days. Or… Will I?

Oh! Hold on. I’d like to see those essays on my desk, first thing tomorrow morning. You may leave now.

-Ruthvi Reddy


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