Editor’s Note

“Goodbye is short and final. Farewell, on the other hand, has the sweet sound of reluctance.”

With the academic year coming to an end, assignments are being distributed left and right, and those quizzes that were supposed to be taken “anytime in the semester” are now surfacing, leaving everyone reeling to meet deadlines and cram as much as possible in the night before the test.  We, here at TDB, happen to be college students too trying to juggle our academic endeavors alongside our love for writing for TDB. We did not want to release an issue written just under the pressure to meet deadlines without pouring our heart and soul into it. Hence, the delay. And also our sincere apologies.

In the midst of pre-compre madness (don’t worry, we haven’t started studying for them either!), we bring to you the last issue of this semester, something for you to ponder on other than those depressing thoughts on how to cover the entire semester’s portion in a week. The article on wing allocation perfectly sums up the topic of the hour. Other articles include happenings around campus (Campus Buzz) and a witty piece on misinterpretations of song lyrics.

And all you people out there who are in despair now that TDB won’t be releasing issues over the summer, fret not! Our article on how to spend your summer will put you at ease (though I know you’re still going to miss us). We also tried something different this time with a video article, to test how well we really know this campus of ours.

As happens with any institution, there comes a time when the torch must be passed on to the younger generation, and the seniors leave knowing that they have passed on all that they could. Here at TDB, there is a mood of melancholy (enhanced by those oh-so-emotional farewell parties) now that those who were an integral part of TDB since its inception will no longer be around as much next year (sigh). They have penned down their experiences working for TDB, and how it has grown over the past year to become what it is today.

But in any case, the show must go on. And it will! We couldn’t be more excited to come back next semester with more articles for you. So till then, happy reading and farewell!

The Editor’s Desk


Arvind Badri
Abhiram Chavali
Aditi Ghosh
Avi Jain
Dhruv Kulshreshtha
Abhimanyu Mukherjee
Gokul Nanda
Ruthvi Reddy
Sai Rajiv Krishna S.
Neel Shah
Sagar Shah
Aashrey Sharma
Parav Singhla
Saketh Varma
Meghana Yerabati


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