Campus Buzz #14


Suits and Sarees took the campus by storm last week. Cover pictures and profile pictures were renewed as DSLR flashes fired away for BATCHSNAPS’15.  Every person dreads this day when they have to actually come face to face with the fact that they’re close to leaving the college. But they, all dressed up nevertheless showing off their dance skills. It wasn’t just the formal wear that was fancy each day; friends of these people had fun dressing up in funny attires as well. A shout out to the Photographers each day (yaay, me) for clicking relentlessly for hours.
P.S: It makes us sad when we see people struggling to use a DSLR. Ask for help next time.


The annual RAF organized farewell for the 2012 batch took place as well. Prior to this the Facebook group for Bon Voyage was flooded with award polls designating awards like ‘Best Nick Name’, ‘Lord of Lite’, ‘Best Couple’, and ‘Best Gang’. And of course, the blood which flows through our veins definitely intends to campaign for these awards as well -Vote for XXXX pls. A few performances on Stage 1 followed by slightly fancier version of mess dinner were given to the 2012 batch of students.


Much like the weather, the span following the extravagance of Pearl ’15 has been pretty dull. Our very devout Dramatics Club and Music Club took it upon themselves to entertain us. The drama club did an amazing job with their English and Hindi plays as well as the mime. Our seniors Shashwat Khare and Arvind Sunder took the acting stage for the last time. The Music Club rocked the stage (LTC rather) too! They came prepared earlier than everyone to do their sound checks and actually had to wait for the crowd to show up. The music club was at its very best, with scintillating performances on the songs of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree among many others. It was the last Music Night for the seniors Abhimanyu WadhwaKaustav Datta, and Srikanth Suresh. That is so many seniors we’re going to miss next year.


Executives from companies like L&T, Tata Advanced Materials, Tubes Investment India, Thermax and Hindalco were invited to our college. The intention was to get in touch with the decision making authorities of companies rather than indirect means whereby the process becomes tedious and information exchange degrades. Our faculty members Professor Regalla and Professor N Suresh Kumar along with Director Professor V S Rao discussed with the executives as to why it would be beneficial for both parties. The executives were accommodated in the Marriott Hotel and we had a days discussion with them along with students.


Again ‘tis that time of the year. Everything we do has the scent of farewell to it. Every small activity is a last time for a lot of people. Whether it be the 2012 people who’ll be splitting up next semester, or the 2011 people having their last weeks in college; the emotion is definitely not cheerful. Club farewells, Department farewells, Technical Association farewells, Regional Association farewells… On second thought, passing out doesn’t seem like a bad idea with so much free food. Okay yes, we’re going to miss you.

Gokul Nanda


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