The One with the Pearl Hangover

Pepped up by the beats of Vishal and Shekhar, and entwined by the ecstasy of no in-time during the regime of Pearl, it is indeed hard to handle the reality that those three days had actually come to an end. And then in matter of a night, we’re all back to square one. The glorious mess food resumed its reign over that bunch of starved chickens and the tug of war between the comfort of bed and obligatory after-fest-studies, had begun.


The fiesta had painted hues of hopes and expectations in the untouched minds of the freshmen. In the end, they had a potpourri of reactions. Pearl, besides giving them a temporary relief from the tyranny of classes, evaluations and assignments, had also given them room to sway in the aura of the festival. Disappointment did shove towards them, which could not be ignored and they were left alone with the after-fest dryness.


The Do-it-all:

The post-Pearl period was weighing hard on the do-it-all of the campus. He, who doesn’t have time to dispose off a two week old bunch of soggy cookies from his study table because he has the responsibility of almost every club/department on campus, would obviously find it difficult to stay caged in his room and stare at the cobwebby fan. Now that the fest is over, he would be desperately looking for some or the other task which could fill the void in his routine to restore him to normalcy.


The Nerds:

Pearl had given the nerds of the college a good break; a break to finish off the second revision for T2. When everybody was partying hard and pouncing on the food stalls, they were seen through the windows of their rooms preparing notes for a potential Biology surprise test.  After Pearl, when everybody else lay exhausted on their beds, back to looking for excuses to procrastinate attending classes, the nerds could be seen heading towards the mess for breakfast at 7:42 am, equipped to bombard the tutorial teacher with doubts and queries.


PS: The acad block is finally at peace, seeing its natural inhabitants


Senor seniors:

The sail of most of the seniors through the fest was pretty much sans expectations. They worked and they had fun-that was their agenda, which they could easily fulfil. Most of them ended up penniless after the fest but they could pull it off by forcing obligatory treats on their non BITSian friends. Way to sell a fest, am I right?

Aayushi Sharma


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