The Hunger Diaries

Sugar and Spice, And All Things Nice

Dear All,

I shall tell you what this article shall not be about. It shall not be one that talks about the infinite cellars of the messes that are known to be filled with a never-ending supply of aloos. This article does not try to describe the too-hard-for-my-soul rotis in the mess nor the painful state of snacks that has thus been written into our fates. Nor do we talk about these routine meals that we must live upon for the long span of four to five years of our lives.


Have I brought your morale to an all new low? Have I lifted your life intensity, that raging desire inside for good taste, to an undeniable high yet? Good, because what comes after is a little inspiration for a delicious meal that won’t be heavy on your budget (Happy are the ladies, happy are the boyfriends), and also great for a day-out with friends.

What are we looking for?

  1. Great fooood!
  2. A lovely ambience for the couple (dim lights?), the fancy girl-gang (say cheeeese), and the loner looking for meat (iykwim).
  3. (Low) Budget-friendly (It’s just after Pearl, bro)
  4. Closer to home (But not always!)

The great thing about writing about food is that you get to eat it, celebrate it and only then do you pick up your pen to write about it. And so we begin our escapades into this dangerous business called lifestyle journalism, where we write about our tryst with sweet, and spice, and all things nice.





The first thing that I would say to all those ladies who would love to strut over to the restaurant in three-inch heels? Just… No. I have to admit, the location of the restaurant is a little shady in that sense. We take the Bus no. 212 from BITS gate and get down at the Kharkhana bus stop near the police station. Walk a little ahead, and turn left into a partially visible, narrow street. Over to your left, you shall find the Mayabazaar. If you’re one who would love to explore cheap delicious food at a place with decent ambience, this is your place to go. 40 minutes by bus, and voila!


In this season of blistering heat, Mayabazar is a great place to be at. With low wooden chairs, a thatched roof and a stone floor- the place has a very rustic ambience. The lights are dim, and the vast room is only lit by lanterns that line the ceiling.


Mayabazar also has a reputation of being an incredibly eco friendly restaurant. The construction of it, and the decor, is completely wood and stone. The food is always parcelled in paper bags. So if you’re willing to go to some place au naturel, this is it, folks.


The cuisines they are North Indian and Chinese. They serve the food in bronze bowls, and bronze glasses. When you lean forward to eat the juicy red curry in your low seat, in traditional Indian vessels, you get the feeling of a gala lunch. No sitting back, only digging right in. The food can be criticized for its variety, which it lacks painfully, but not for its taste. The kofta curries are subtle in their flavor and mouth watering in their appearance. The stuffed rotis are highly appetizing and very filling.

The Verdict: 

*dramatic announcement*

1. Food : Little variety, but great taste
2. Ambience: A little better than mediocre
3. Budget: Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! Totally worth the money.
4. Distance: 40 minutes! That’s not much.


Meghana Yerabati


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