Retrospective: The Best Of.

We’d be stating the greatly unobvious when we say that Pearl ’15 had an amazing participation from outside in its events. The Daily Bitsian brings to you the top 3 entries that were mailed to the Photography Club, BITS Hyderabad in their maiden event: Retrospective.

Into The Water By Joydeep Ghosh

Into the Water by Joydeep Ghosh

Joydeep studies at Sri Venkateswara College Of Fine Arts.

Into The Water (Theme: ­ Street)
Shutter Speed: ­ 1/640 sec
F Stop ­ f/8
ISO ­ 400
Camera ­ Nikon D3100

Juxtaposed_Shibasish Saha

Juxtaposed by Shibasish Saha

Shibashish is a student of Netaji Subhash Engineering College. His photograph is themed on Street.


Perspective by Aparna Mohindra

If you love Aparna’s photography and want to watch out for more, follow her at:


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