Post-Pearl Poverty


How WE survived post-Pearl poverty

So how was Pearl for everybody? Took part in many events? Win some, maybe? Those proshows though! Well, I don’t know about you, but I spent every dime in my pocket and was left with just the 5 rupee coupons from the ANC. Well, here’s what we found out about how to survive on campus without the moolah (It’s not experience that is doing all the talking, I was flat broke):


  • Eat at the mess, bye-bye ANC


Remember those guys at the ANC in the red t-shirts shouting out numbers and handing out food? Well they also make you meals that your parents already paid for.


  • Sell books that are not needed


The seniors all have books that they bought or ‘borrowed’ at some time to help with their courses or interest readings that they have no use of anymore. Selling those books on campus to someone who needs it or looking for off campus alternatives like that could make money out of things that are just lying around.


  • You might want to consider going easy on the phone bills, use the wifi as much as possible- for everything else there is DC


Phone bills have a habit a rising up without much notice. Getting talktime packs seems like a valid solution, there are other cheaper ways to connect with people while on campus. Make full use of the wifi in the acad block and use online calling features found on many applications these days including facbook call, bbm call, google talk, etc or own campus start up: Hullo.

These might help you save a few precious bucks but it does come with a downside- everyone on campus has to be online all the time.


  • Make a budget, and stick to it


This is probably the most clichéd way to survive post pearl, but it really is a powerful one. Making a budget suited to your needs, be it towards buying food or clothing, etc. can help you get your money’s worth till you get some more.


  • Get an internship, make some good use of your time at university and earn some


There are paid internships all around the internet that require minimal input from your side. Many start-ups are willing to pay money to college students who can handle things like their Facebook page or send in an article or two, so why not grab these chances and take another step towards being independent, eh?


  • Movie outings no longer, wait for DC


So Ravi Teja just released a new movie or a Salman Khan flick just came out and you and your mates can’t wait to get to the theatres. But wait. The tickets, food and transportation all add up till your already bankrupt wallet starts coughing up Aditya Caterer coupona! Rather, it’s a better idea to search around DC to find the movie. Watching a movie is fun with friends anyway, right? *gives a slow pat to himself*


  • Give up on thrift spending


Even though it might be tempting to buy a new pair of shoes, keep in mind that you have only so much money to spend on luxuries, unless you already got yourself an internship, in which case you’ll need the matching bag as well.


  • Cash up on all the pending treats!


No food ever tastes better than free food. I think they had this is in the Bible too. But make sure that no achievement of any person in your circle will be allowed to pass without you getting your fair share in the form of a treat. Amul, viceroy, ANC take your pick.


  • Go meet your relatives


Well if you have any relatives in the city, why not go and give them a hoot this time around? Not only will you get a proper meal and a chance to catch up with some old stories, they might just ending up giving you some money as a ‘gift’. They are good folk after all!


  • Sober up


Sober up and save the cash for a while and binge only once you can properly afford it. It might even help you get inside the college gates without the weird looks from the security guards.


So there you have it. It’s not an exhaustive list by any means but at least it’s something to get you started when you’re dirt poor like I was. Cheers.


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