Addiction – When you can give up something anytime, as long as it’s next Tuesday.

Whether you agree with it or not, at some point of time, we all have been addicted to a TV show. The list might range from The Game of Thrones to The Big Bang Theory, F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Sherlock, House MD to Suits. And oh, the list surely goes on.

For some, it might have started out of genuine interest, later turned into a hobby.  And for some, just an engaging way to spend time that would have been otherwise allotted to, er, studies. But, the highest contribution comes from a third category of people. Those, who watch shows for the sake of not being left out. To be able to laugh at all the internal jokes and memes, to appreciate the quotes. Heck, it’s spread all over the social media. This is all that is discussed in your group of friends. Why be driven to feel that backward when you could just get addicted to some random yet sometimes gripping motion on the screen?

Obviously, one never intends to become an ‘addict’. Your behaviour is like that of an innocent child having chocolate for the first time. Nope-ity nope, there is no going back. In fact, the very first stage could be labelled as denial. You fight every urge, you find excuses, but eventually you do give in. You convince yourself that it would do you no harm to just dip your toes in the water to check if it is warm enough. So, you see just ONE episode to figure out what the buzz is all about and the next thing you know, it’s 5AM in the morning. One episode is never enough, is it? You need to know, you crave closure, you feel incomplete. You could go without eating or bathing and sleeping, but NOT without watching. Amidst all of this is when family and friends begin to worry. Nevertheless, once you’re up to date, you can successfully use all the references to the show in your everyday conversations. Obsess over it. Read all the articles, theories, interesting facts and what not, to fill the emptiness that you can feel within you now. (Plus, you do stalk your favourite character, don’t you?) More? Well, you could shop online for the merchandise. Maybe, get yourself a shirt to proclaim your present addiction. Or a mobile case, you say?

As for that third category, no longer in Isolation Land. They understand all the jokes, memes and social media posts. And if you’re the smarter of the lot, you could come up with your own references.

Anyways, if you are to watch more, and if you happen to be lucky, it might have another season. If not, then I guess this is the end, my friend. Don’t freak out. You could always check out that other trending show, you know. Though your brain says, “NO! Not again!” , your heart is bound to say, “YOLO, Let’s do this again!”


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