How To Survive Holi

Festival of colours, they said.

It shall be lots of fun, they said.

No bars and no boundaries, they said.

There was this segment in the news recently, which stated that a college has cancelled it’s annual Holi leave as one particular student was reported to have returned home, from his college celebrations, with all his clothes intact.

It wouldn’t be very shocking if something similar was to happen at our very own campus, where getting one’s shirt ripped off has become a part of the Holi greeting. Water balloons and spray guns are a thing of the past. What are you? A girl or something? It’s college. You must get your hands dirty (literally).

So, as we stand on the brink on another fest filled month, we brace ourselves to take on the invasion of colours (read, eggs, rotten tomatoes, mud, mud and more mud) in our lives. People often manage to come up with a number of innovative tactics to escape the gruesome clutches of this festival, where your behind is sure to be whipped. There are quite a few people who play the game intelligently, by spending most of their time in the mess hoping to avoid the calamity outside. You can almost find them in the mess the whole day, with an empty tray and usually with a pair of earphones and a couple of people to keep him company. Why would anyone want to voluntarily get beaten up, right?

And then, there are those who think it wise not to venture out of their rooms. Morning come evening, they refuse to vacate their throne, even if it means giving up the once in a blue moon, gala lunch. Not very gala getting colour in your nose and mouth, I suppose. Of course, there is also that one section of people who very conveniently sleep through the entire chain of events.

Enough said about the ways to ‘survive’ Holi. How can one use it to their advantage? Well, isn’t it just the perfect time to unleash your wrath on that one person whose loudspeakers have shown you sleepless nights? What about your course topper? Wouldn’t it be absolutely lovely to make him an integral part of your canvas?

So on the whole, Holi always turns out to be a wonderful, joyous occasion and probably the only time (other than fervour week) when people shit their pants before opening their doors to welcome a stranger. Nevertheless, it is indeed an intimidating sight to see people get carefree and relive the childhood days. Forget and forgive – The motto of Holi. (Bura na mano Holi hai)

Frankly speaking, those who believe locking themselves in their room, or that the mess would be of any sort of help are in for a surprise, whereas those who truly venture out with the spirit of Holi, are in for one of the most memorable moments of their lives. So get out there and prepare yourself for pearl, with colours and laughter to guide you.

Vaidhiswaran Ramesh
Ruthvi Reddy


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