Gone Gult

*Trailer voice*

“In a world where ID numbers and CGPAs are more important than their names, one man must battle through it all to save himself from the grand escapade of life. It is up to him to use the super powers of independence, freedom, and flexibility that college life offers him, to live to fight another day.”


Wait, so where is this man? Isn’t he supposed to be here? He’s home? This doesn’t make any sense.

*dramatic pause*


Gone Gult
Where there’s a will, there’s a way… pointing to home.  

Rated: PG 13
In Cinemas near you
Now in 3D

Case Study

Houston, we have a problem. Mission Control has acquired 2653 missing person reports so far, starting from 1700 hours, 5th March 15, Saturday.

A state of Emergency has been declared in view of the massive disappearance of people. The Illuminati is rumoured to be responsible for it.

Financials indicate an abnormal, colossal spike in the sale of overnight bags in the city.

The club drills in the base camp have been having a dwindling response.

Houston, I’m afraid, we are zeroing in on the problem. It’s Code Gone. Code Gone, do you hear me?


Statistical Analysis

Status: Three Days Gone

The disappearance of people follows a characteristic trend.

Long weekends see the maximum disappearance.

But they are suspected to magically apparate back to the site just in time for a certain Monday morning Biology surprise test.


The Ridiculously Unofficial Oxford Dictionary defines the phrase #GoneGult as the act of an individual returning to his home at the first sign of suspension of classes. The new definition of a Gult has nothing to do with their ethnic backgrounds, and focuses only on the characteristic feature of going home. The said Gone Gult is usually absent in the on-campus activities. The quality of the campus culture takes a fatal blow due to this unquestionable absence.

These are the same people who are expected to build traditions for the forthcoming batches for a college experience that synchronizes with the brand name. Moreover, for a relatively new campus like ours, there’s already enough doubt about its equivalence with the mother campus. So, the total wipeout of students from campus whenever there is any free time does not help this reputation. Home is definitely important. But this is the college life that you’ve chosen for yourself. I guess the least you can do is be there to live it. Is it always okay in life to run back to what’s comfortable whenever you feel like you need it?

Gult Editor’s Edit : Yes. Family, delicious AND nutritous meals, free laundry, the luxuries of your home, access to non-campus friends, high-speed internet and so much more. What do you guys do to make weekends memorable? VISIT THE CITY. Sour grapes, anyone? 🙂

Counter point to Editor: Yeah, the cost of the grapes is a dying campus culture. If that’s a price you’re willing to pay, then okay.

Kushagra Mehta and Meghana Kumar


2 thoughts on “Gone Gult

  1. Joke’s on you, editor. Campus internet is faster than the Internet at your homes will ever be, now that you guys are gone. 😛

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