Get a room!


Luckily, you don’t need to study or even pass this one.

Home is where the heart is, while our room is a place where our stuff is. Still, your room can have a major impact on your social life, your privacy, your hygiene and your moods. Whether you’re a shut-in gamer or an annoying extrovert who sleeps in other people’s rooms all the time, you’d definitely want to know how your room scores, right?

Simple setup. You start with a 100 points, and subtract where required. Don’t be surprised if you go into negatives.


Category 1: The Distance

BITSians are famously lazy, and we pride ourselves on it. Five metres of extra walking could be the difference between you deciding to go for class or not, Ten metres could destroy your dinner plans, and if you’re somewhere in the R-446 area, it could be years before you see the outside world again.

-5 x No. of wings you need to walk across to reach a consistently working water cooler.
+5 if it’s right next to your wing.

+2 x No. of wings the chowkidar has to walk through to get to your room.
-10 if his room is right next to your wing.

-5 x No. of minutes it takes you to go to Bru from your room.
+20 if you work at Bru.

-2 x No. of wings you need to pass through to take a bath.
-5x No. of wings if you go to take a bath Sallu-bhai style.

Category 2: The Condition

New hostels with sparkly steel almirahs and tiles. Old hostels with layers of dust and permanent stains on the floor. Is your room a decent, respectable abode for students or is it an abandoned error by the construction workers?

-2 for every wall crack/crater in your wall.
-5 for every drawer missing.
-10 if you have a chair missing. (+10 for an extra chair)
-5 for every board broken.
+5 for every speed other than on/off your fan can reach.
+10 if your regulator works perfectly (You lucky bastard, you.)
-5 for every socket/light that doesn’t work.
-15 if your LAN port doesn’t work.
-2 for every hole in your window through which bugs can enter.

Category 3: The Wildlife

The most beautiful places are those which have the most harmony with nature. Of course, as far as we’re concerned, ANY harmony with nature is unwelcome. Who gave these goddamn critters permission to enter your room? Gotta kill ‘em all!

-5 for every line of ants that appears when you leave biscuits open in your room.
-5 for every spiderbro chilling in your room. I know they mean well, but the little shits don’t understand boundaries.
-2 for every cobweb in your room. -10 if there’s a big honeycomb right outside your window.
-5 for the number of times you’ve collided with a bat in your wing.
-5 for the lizards and other garden regulars.
-10 if you got any of the above to keep as pets.
+10 if there’s a good view from your window.
+10 if it faces the road where you can see couples doing chumma chummi. Yep, I own a pair of night binoculars.
-10 If your room faces the QT in which people play football till 2 at night or GPLs happen. (Welcome to the club bro)
-10 if a ball from the QT ever hit your window.
-20 if there is a stray dog who poops in the corridors everyday.
Bonus: -2 points for every unidentified insect species you find.
-10 points if it’s as big as your palm.

Reset score to -100 if you live in the basement and find snakes in your cupboard.


Category 4: The People

What are walls without people? What is a wing without wingies? I’ll tell you what it is. INCREDIBLY PEACEFUL. Of course, not everyone is a misanthrope, some people actually like having friends live 2 metres away. Those people are called masochists.

+5 for every person you think is beneficial, and negatives for ‘em mofos.

Guy with alarm which wakes everybody up but him and rings multiple times a day.
Guy with loud speakers (plus points if his taste of music is same as yours, -5 if he’s the kind of dude who plays ‘Let it Go’ on repeat)
Guy who keeps ‘borrowing’ your stuff.
Guy who sleeps in your room. Positives if you like that 😉
Guy who doesn’t take off his slippers in your room.
Guy who thinks he’s Kailash Kher, Sivamani or Jimi Hendrix. Positives if he’s actually talented.
Guy who constantly knocks on your door and asks “kya chal raha hai?” every 5 minutes because he has nothing else to do.
Guy who studies all the time. Positives if he’s the sort who gives you notes. Negatives if he’s the kind who’ll mock you for studying in the two minutes that he himself isn’t.

Category 5: The Past, Present, and Future

Finally, the times. Your room might have a rich and varied history. The walls, floor and chairs would cumulatively have uncountable billions of dead spe…cial insects. (Decent coverup, phew) Your predecessors would have had unforgettable times in your room, and now that history is yours. Or you might have got the lottery and inherited a brand new room.


If your room pop keeps visiting: +10 for cool senior, -10 for annoying person who’s trying to use you to hit on girls in your batch.

Graffiti in room: +10 if it was a Shades senior and there is an awesome piece of art on your wall that you can claim to have drawn, -10 if there are explicit drawings of random parts of the human anatomy. 8==D

Messages on walls: +5 if motivational, -15 if they’re along the lines of MCBC____.

Hashtags on doors: -5 per stupid hashtag.

And if you’re that parasite who stays in somebody else’s room the whole day, just ignore all of this.

Let us know how much you’ve scored! If you’re above a 100, please inbox us so we… can make the necessary adjustments.

S346, R242


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