Unpopular Opinion: College Netas

“Xandria? Who’s even heard of the band? Kya yaar, aisey obsolete bands bulaatey hain. Kya bekaar log hain.”
“DoSM? Sponsorship? What a joke. Waapas director sir ke pass bhagenge last minute.”
“Campaigning ke time bahut dekha tha, badey promises kiye the. Only see him roaming at night with his friends now.”

You’re probably right. They’re not doing their best, someone could probably do a better job. What they need though, is a break. A break from an ungrateful campus. It’s a thankless job, and the rumours of post-holders being able to get jobs instantly are just that – rumours. They got a majority of a diverse campus to vote for them, you think they need a slip that says they held so-and-so post to impress a few people in a room?

Even major politicians have a gigantic support group. Despite Rahul Gandhi’s best efforts, various people around the country still admire the Gandhi scion. Our campus junta? Nope, not one. Cases of people walking up to a post-holder to say he’s doing a good job are unheard of. Club secretaries get love from their club members, Department heads have celebration parties and meets after fests, but most of the SU just gets a quiet goodbye.

No one realizes how difficult it is to get people moving, to get things done on campus. The web of permissions. The groups on campus who get easily offended. Your opposition and his/her unruly friends, whose only mission is to make your life more difficult. And the absolute thanklessness. Nothing you do will ever be truly appreciated. The clubs you’re trying hard to help will whine about how you’re no good and you’re treating them badly. The departments will automatically assume you’re going to take care of things that are not part of your domain at all. And God forbid you have fun! If you’re seen dancing for five minutes, that’s the end of it. EVERYBODY will know you were dancing away to glory instead of doing your work like you SHOULD.

People forget you’re an engineering student. You have courses which you’re flunking because you’re busy working for the college students. Your CG is doomed, and your parents can’t understand. Sure there are a few perks, but there’s a flipside. Everyone knows you, but do you think everyone likes you? You gain contacts, but you lose friends. You run fests, but are you having fun?

I’m not an X-supporter. I’m not someone who holds a post. None of my friends hold posts, and I certainly don’t have a crush on someone who does. I’m just another face in the crowd. Despite my general misanthropic views and cynicism, I think maybe, just maybe, people need to sit up and look at the work these guys are doing. They don’t have responsibility. They could be the worst SU ever, and it still wouldn’t matter in the long run to them. They don’t NEED to be our slaves. This isn’t a full-time profession.

And all the bitching. So what if we haven’t heard of Xandria. As if 90% of the population knew who Wolfmother was, you bloody posers. We’re still going to be right in the front, headbanging our way away to glory, like we should. Just have some faith. So what if DoSM can’t get enough sponsorship? Try convincing a company to throw money at a college so the students can have fun. I’m surprised we’re even getting any. And so what if they have social lives? It’s not a crime.

Seriously, thank you guys for all the work you’ve been doing. I’ve noticed it, and so have many others. You guys should really work harder, but yes, realise that we appreciate what you’re doing even if we don’t always come up to you and say it. Thank you.

Rant over.

-Does it matter?


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