The Geeky Take: Music Streaming

Available on the internet to everyone who punches in the right URL!

Music forms a core part of our college experience. This is the place where we discover a plethora of new genres and artists that it often becomes difficult to get access to all the music we would want to enjoy. I’ve got a list of services and softwares here that will make that problem nonexistent. There’s also a lot of good stuff for all music discovery freaks. So read on!

ONLINE RESOURCES: Available on the internet to everyone who punches in the right URL. I’ve tried all of them personally and they are PURE GOLD as far as content is concerned.

  • Earbits Radio – (Free) (Personal Favorite)
    Best indie artist music you’ll ever hear. Give this a shot if you want to get away from mainstream stuff or dive into different genres. There are no ads, no annoying pop-ups and no sign up restrictions. This is an absolute beauty!
  • Grooveshark – (Free)
    Like Earbits but for popular music. They have pretty much everything that you could want to listen to. No signup needed.
  • Stereomood – (Free)
    Creates music playlists based on mood. “I’m feeling groovy” will get you something upbeat. “I’m feeling melancholy” will get you depressing songs to help with the sorrow and suffering and suicidal thoughts. Again, no sign up needed.
  • If You Dig – (Free)
    Recommends new artists based on artist names. It’s dead simple, just enter the name of an artist you like, say “Arctic Monkeys” and it will give you a list of artists sorted in order of potential likability. It’s nothing flashy and I couldn’t find a simpler no-nonsense site for instant artist recommendations on the internet. It pulls recommendations from Spotify.
  • Streamus – (Free) (Personal Favorite)
    Turn YouTube into a music streaming service. This little app lives in your browser and plays music from YouTube without opening a new tab or you having to load the actual video. And just like a radio service it keeps adding similar songs to your current playlist once your selection ends. Perfect for music discovery!
  • Rdio – (Free/Subscription) (Personal Favorite)
    Ever felt jealous of all your european friends who have unlimited access to music through Spotify and the likes? Well, Rdio is here to change all that. With a catalogue which rivals Spotify and just about every other music streaming service, Rdio will satisfy all your music needs.
    Compared to Grooveshark, Rdio shines with it’s social media integration. You can follow your friends from Facebook and Twitter and see what they are listening to. It also recommends music based on what you like and have listened to recently. There are genre based music channels for the more adventurous listeners. Apart from the website, the mobile apps also deliver a stellar experience although they require a subscription. Overall I’d recommend Rdio over Grooveshark any day!
  • TuneIn Radio – (Free/Pro) (Personal Favorite)
    If you love listening to radio in general, not just for music, then this is the service for you. There is tons of content here. The radio stations span a vast number of general categories on music, news, science, sports and the likes. Along with radio streaming, TuneIn is also one of the best podcast platforms in the world right now. My favorites are Tiesto’s Club Life (which is just amazing if you love exploring electronic music) and HowStuffWorks. I also occasionally follow Jazz podcasts.

LOCAL RESOURCES: The internet doesn’t always work you know, especially on campus. While there is only one service I can mention here, it more than just takes care of local media streaming.

Plex Media Server – (Free)
This software, a fork of the popular XMBC media center, will let you access your PC’s media stored across all your devices (iOS/Android/Windows) over Wi-Fi or 3G. Just leave your PC on for the duration.

It’s a godsend for people who love to stream local content. It’s so awesome in fact that I can’t even list everything about it here. Instead I’ll let Plex talk for itself. Here’s a link to the features list: Have a read, and then come back here and follow the rest.

Great, so why Plex? Well, there are tons of other alternatives to Plex (including the horrendous Windows Media Center) but Plex is the only service which offers mobile apps which allow you to seamlessly access all the content you add to your Plex Media Server installed on your PC. This content is then made available to your devices and all they have to do is sign into your Plex account to access it. The streaming is done either locally if you’re on a local network or over mobile internet.

Here’s a potential use case to go along with all the awesome description I just gave:
You’ve got a phone with limited memory and being a BITSian you’re naturally lazy and don’t want to bother yourself with changing your playlist now and then. Well stream your music through Plex and you won’t have to. You can also do this for a movie or TV show you downloaded. It’s just no-nonsense streaming at it’s best.

Aashrey Sharma


One thought on “The Geeky Take: Music Streaming

  1. You can add Sound Cloud to the list of online music streaming websites. I found it to be good for listening to what other people are listening and it’s more like a Youtube for listening to music, audiotapes,and podcasts that have been uploaded onto the site.

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