How to make a girl smile

Now that I have your attention, a disclaimer: this article can’t actually help you with that. Nor can Jim Carrey movies. What you do need is an episode of Whose Line (to learn about impromptu), a bit of Tim Minchin (Sex and God), and a lot of Google-fu to actually understand the theory of humour. Or, you can come to me for gyaan and bask in my presence for as long as I decide to grace you with it!

So, in the past few weeks we’ve had a couple of comedy shows. One which made us LOL, ROFL and LMAO, while the only good thing about the other was that *ahem* Ramdev Baba act. This got me thinking about what it takes to be a real comedian (’cause everybody’s witty and hilarious on FB), and why laughter makes life better.

Humorous people aren’t born that way. We pick up our funny bones from traits, characters and past experiences. And I picked that up online. But my unoriginality doesn’t diminish the wisdom of this thought. Being funny isn’t about reciting whatsapp jokes all the time (somebody tell this to Live Laughter Club). And it certainly isn’t connected with behaving like a clown either. A fun person is one who is genuinely happy at heart, and uses situations around himself to produce laughter. Having a positive nature goes hand in hand with a good sense of humour. Like everything else in life, the key is to be natural. A self-deprecating approach works sometimes. Remember, there’s no shame in laughing at yourself. Also, melon and banana puns rock (Asish Sakya and Kala khatta, mofos; that’s what I’m talking about). And you know what they say about too much of a good thing right? So, don’t try to be a joker all the time. Sometimes, it’s okay to sit down quietly. Not everyone can be Garv Malik after all.

On another note, laughter is undoubtedly the most contagious thing that isn’t a disease. Humour and laughter boost your energy, diminish pain, and protect you from the damaging effects of stress. And you don’t even need to clean up afterwards! Seeing the funnier side of a situation makes life much easier.

Now that the free not-very-useful advice is done, all I really have to say is, keep watching those AIB roasts and TVF videos, and yeah, that might make that girl of yours smile.


-Avi Jain
(Not to be held responsible if your girl doesn’t get your jokes.)


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