Featured Poetry

Starry trees

Starry trees in nightly views
Faltering stands his callous brood
Tried they by the sands of grey
These thugs of joy, scared of truth
Of hallowed roots, On priestly grounds
As an army shunned of crown
Those beastly eyes, tenants
Of the dark skies above blue mountains
Like visions in a bat’s eye
And as dark, those feeble ghouls
Still, unmoving shrouded in haze
Of torrid weathers, as their bony limbs
Ache, nay boil to plunder and raze
All they called theirs now ashen, remains
Of beating hearts and smoldering passions
Bereft of life their morals erased
Yet as hordes they stand their ground
As the trees birth their fruit
Still their eyes like their souls,

Dhairya Gandhi


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