If I told you I love you, like the sun sets and rises with your smile,
If I told you I love you, like I’d give anything to make you mine,
Is that the only way I love, like an ancient Shakespearean fag,
Is that all I have in me, a love for love’s sake,
Then i’m fated to meet the saddest end,like most characters would in his play,

But I said I loved you, and yet we shared not romantic whisper under moonlit sky,
And yet I said I loved you, do u think it was a lie?
Maybe you’ve known me since I was wee, screaming and crying in your arms,
And you would gently comfort me,
Sing songs of events and people long gone,
Then I love you, with child-like innocence and fervor,
To protect as you once did me,
Until the last breath I breathe,

Maybe you knew me as a jolly good fellow,
We shared many a drink and song,
Maybe we spoke of past misgivings,
Or of future prospects, soon to come,
I want you to know however far it may seem,
I’ll always be, but a phone call away,
Be there to share with you joyous gleams,
Or stand by you in trying times,

Think of me lovingly, I’ve made mistakes, I’m but a man,
Think of me, for its my legacy, like footprints in sand.

Rithvik Srinivas


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