Electronic RAGE-stration Portal

The Academic Registration of this semester wasn’t exactly the smoothest (or the fastest. Or the easiest. Or… okay, you get it.) we’ve had so far. The institute completely shifted over from ReMo registration to ERP – which became the most trending three letter word on Facebook, followed by DTC and FML. The time taken to load the page after clicking ‘Next’ gave enough time for a Facebook opinion poll to pop up and for people to vote. A staggering 26 out of 600 people actually found the ERP experience comfortable – likely consisting of the first few PR numbers from all the batches. Everyone else possibly had the worst registration experience yet.

<What is ERP?> The previously used ReMo was an ARCD initiative in collaboration with a few students few years ago, indigenous to the Hyderabad Campus,  which would explain why it suited our needs perfectly.

ERP, however, is something that is implemented by the University amongst all the campuses. There were some issues with the Timetable section as well, where people had tutorial hours mixed up. And some courses which didn’t need a practical session, were required to have one by the software. ERP failed to recognize the lack of lunch breaks in some students time tables, unlike the predecessor ReMO. For better or for worse however, we’ll be continuing with ERP for the coming semester, and every semester hence.
The whole system was apparently incredibly slow owing to the fact that the servers couldn’t take so much traffic. People who were at ease with the user-friendly ReMo way showed much dislike for the ERP User-Interface. Harshit Jain – BITSian and avid Quora user – was quoted as saying, “Way too slow. Pages take forever to load. UI is not at all intuitive. Makes swapping course sections a whole lot of unnecessary pain.” Most students took between 2 hours to 4 hours to actually finish their registration (and that was IF one of their courses was not filled up by the time they reached the register page). Considering that the ideal time periods allotted are half an hour each, folks spending an exhausting 3 hours to end up with a DTC is preposterous. The Difficult Timetable Cases (DTC) this time were on an unusual high as well.

But, you already knew that.

Being one of the rare cases who preferred the convenience of the ERP system, I might be an anomaly, but there is no doubt that ERP is the better system. True, it might have been a disaster, but that’s because we’re only just beginning to use it. (For the record, ReMo had its fair share of problems as well.)
Having an online system like the ERP will have more benefits than harm in the long run – the other campuses receive their grades online immediately through it, checking requirements, past grades and swapping options take but a few minutes, and it is far more reliable than the semi-online ReMo. Most great inventions were met with stern criticism, and while the ERP system isn’t exactly the steam engine of our century, it is definitely an active step towards the global university we aspire to be. Then again, I might just be saying that because I didn’t have to walk to the acad block to do my registration.


  1. How many ERPs does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Error, login session expired.
  2. Why did the ERP cross the road?
    A: It didn’t it was too slow.
  3. How did the ERP cross the road?
    A: It applied for a DTC
  4. Yo ERP so slow, that Rajanikanth had to apply for a DTC
  5. Yo ERP so slow, people finished LoTR and Hobbit after clicking “Next” button
  6. Yo ERP so slow, Season 4 of Sherlock came out
  7. Yo ERP so slow, the localites went home and came back

Kartik Reddy
Gokul Nanda


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