BITS Know-How: Societies

Societies, the newest addition to this campus, could just be the next best thing. They are amazing for so many reasons, a new reason to socialise, a new way to pool information, a new way to learn together. This article aims to tell you all you need to know about societies.

First, we answer the question of why we need societies. Not all hobbies or interests have a huge fan following, so this is a way to test the waters. Once we find the people interested we need to know how long we can keep the enthusiasm up. So what they are is a drawing board for ideas, and eventually if the idea really takes off, a club with proper hierarchy and a serious contributor to fests and our fledgling campus culture.

Now, how does a society become a club? The procedure is the same as it is to form a new club, but the advantage that societies have is the experience of having worked, and a ready access to the proof of your society’s effectiveness even before you become a club. However, people starting a new club need to ensure they don’t have the same function as the clubs already existing. This would be redundant and would create more problems than it would solve.

Finally, when a society becomes a club its participation becomes full-fledged in fests, receiving sponsorship and conducting events officially. Until this happens, there are plans to have Societies Committee to regulate societies, which have to be periodically renew their status as societies, and their activities need to be periodically documented as well.

The way things stand now is that there are 11 new application for Cuisine, Manga & Anime,  Rubik’s Cube, Design, Mathematics, DJ-ing, Comedy societies to name a few. We at TDB are all excited to see what these societies have to offer us at BITS.

Meghana Yerabati and Rithvik Srinivas


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