Verba Maximus

Arguably the busiest month of the semester is here and the campus is buzzing with a plethora of activities (wake me up when Pearl begins). While “Ignite 2015” prepares to keep up their ever thankless job of serving the needy, the campus is also bustling with the preparations for our literary festival, Verba Maximus ’15 and Arena ’15, the sports gala. Amidst all the hassle, as tempers begin to run high, some comic relief is due to soothe everyone’s nerves. Well folks, Verba Maximus has announced just that, as Angad Singh Ranyal and Azeem Banatwala turn up on campus on the evening of 31st January to tickle everyone’s funny bone.

We could give you their life history and a list of credentials to prove their awesomeness, at this point. We could tell you about how East India Comedy – since its inception by Sorabh Pant in 2012 – has kept nearly all of the major cities in India in splits, besides touring Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Colombo, Kathmandu, Beijing, Singapore, and Bangladesh (not to mention the hordes of subscribers on YouTube). We could also tell you about Azeem the hilarious geek,  who has written humour and tech columns for the Deccan Chronicle, and Indian Video Gamer, is a regular at Mumbai’s Canvas Laugh Factory (previously The Comedy Store), and has opened for American comedian Dwayne Perkins on his tour of India – besides performing at numerous venues across the country. Or we could tell you about Angad, the bright new professional on the comedy block, who apart from regularly featuring in the premiere ‘Best in Stand-up’ shows at Canvas Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store, has also written for comedy specials like Comedy News Network. Besides performing across the country like his partner, that is.

However, the best way to introduce yourselves to this dynamic duo is to experience a sneak peek yourselves. So here’s an exclusive video from Angad Singh Ranyal!



The day after this proshow, yet another eminent personality shall be making an appearance on campus. Finance enthusiasts and bookworms alike: we call upon you to witness an inspiring session by the renowned author Ravi Subramanian. An IIM-B graduate and the head of a leading financial institution, all his banking work has not stopped him from penning six bestsellers set in that very familiar environment where he works. Besides, his latest novel – God Is A Gamer – is the touted as the world’s first Bitcoin thriller, and promises to be an amazing read. Dubbed “the John Grisham of banking” by Wall Street Journal, Mr. Subramanian is only too happy to accept the title, for he aspires to bring to the world of banking what his inspiration, John Grisham, brought to legal thrillers. Turn up for an insight on what makes this brilliant personality tick, as he expresses his love for books, writing and banking in what is sure to be a highly stimulating talk. The author himself shall be briefing us on his expectations from this trip soon, so check back for an update with some exclusive comments from him, too!

Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah


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