Editor’s Note #9

Once bitten, twice shy. *Slowly hides behind the curtain*

Hola BPHC! Amidst some amazing competitions and nights in Renaissance and Shangri La, we lost our track of time too; again. Likewise, a series of emotions grip us as we approach the end of a one-of-its-kind semester. Since the now-distant month of July, when TDB was a venture into the unknown, we have come a long way. As time passed by, we witnessed a frenzied election, a glorious ATMOS, some abhorrent tests, and a bustling start to Pearl. At the inevitable end, it is also a sad reminder that this will be a heartbreaking goodbye to some of our marvelous seniors.

As compres approach, The Daily BITSian calls for an end to its production of Season 1. We will be back next semester, but until then, here’s our Curtain Call

Accommodating all kinds of interests, our final episode for the semester features a treat for the gamer, an interview with Prof. Chandu Parimi (Civil Department) on his inter-disciplinary project,  coverage of a captivating talk by Miss Yashoda Thakare, a hackneyed satirical photo story and a report on the GBM. In other news, Comic Strips shall be vying for a spot with Just BITSian Things in alternate issues henceforth, and as always, we have for the regular roundup Campus Buzz.

Potpourri this issue has some amazing entries from the winners of various events in Renaissance: do not forget to browse through. And keep in mind, you can contribute too! So while you procrastinate in your hostel rooms; or struggle to aim for a PPO in your PS, or are just wistful about the wondrous campus life as an alumni, we will be one email away: thedailybitsian@gmail.com.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

The Editor’s Desk.

The Team for this issue:

Arvind Badri
Asfiya Baig
Sairam Ganti
Harshita Jha
Sai Kumar
Varun Kumar
Kushagra Mehta
Abhimanyu Mukherjee
Gokul Nanda
Sai Ranjeet Narayanan
Kartik Reddy
Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah
Aayushi Sharma
Phani Teja
Karthik Vickraman
Meghana Yerabati

Special thanks to: Dr. Chandu Parimi, Rakesh Jayakumar, Shalini Chaudhuri, Kushagra Mehta


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