Campus Buzz #9


In 2008, a new member was added to the BITS Pilani family – the Hyderabad Campus. Everything had to commence from a scratch, and so Abhinandan was the right time to give tribute to the contribution of our faculty and sacrifice of the initial two batches of our college, without whom our campus couldn’t have been sculpted. November 8, 2014, marked the commemoration of the First Phase Completion of BITS Pilani – Hyderabad Campus Project. A Kuchipudi performance by Dr. Yashoda Thakore, embellished the occasion. This was further followed by a series of felicitations by Director Prof. V S Rao. Abhinandan was thereafter succeeded by the highly awaited dinner that endeavored to satiate the excitement of every taste bud.


10169410_804799022895810_8762086197566662691_nBesides the continuous breathtaking performances of our clubs, the night of Shangri La had a few intros lined up. Our three upcoming fests Verba Maximus, Arena and Pearl were introduced in all their shining glory. The audience boomed as the trailers for our Literary fest and Sports fest were rolled in that projector. Verba Maximus is set to be held on the 31st of January, quickly followed by Arena on the 5th of February. The grandest entry of them all was made by our Pearl, bringing with it this year’s theme: “Odyssey Of Legends”. The whole campus is eagerly waiting for the next semester. What about you?


Shangri La brought in waves of thrill and magnificence, as BPHC observed every club exhibit its talent. All the clubs- Dance, Music, Drama and Photography, displayed some jaw dropping performances and exhibitions. The events became all the more special, when everyone witnessed the last on-campus performances by their beloved seniors. So Shangri La poured in a potpourri of events, emotions and expressions which not only came in as a relief from the little boy of our lives called T2( the fat man is yet to come), but also made us feel that yes…we are BITSIANS… and we go “a lot beyond” studies.


The entire campus was tremendously affected by the Interstellar Rush. The struggle of students for securing the first show tickets was way more than waking up on time for an 8:00 am exam. Can’t blame them; Nolan does that to people. Interstellar was sheer poetry embalmed with science and romance lyrically seeped in to make the entire experience seamless. Bewitched by the IMAX, gob smacked by the brilliance, it indeed became hard for everybody to return to the ground reality. Life was not the same anymore!


 After many ‘unavoidable circumstances’, Fervour’14 finally happened! Subsequently the titles of Mr. and Ms. Fresher were given to Gokul Nanda (who just happens to be the person writing this article) and Sateja Paradkar. Runner up titles were given to Parav Singla and Aakriti Saraf. We had two additional titles this year for the audience swayers – Mr. and Ms. Popular, bagged by Piyush Sinhal and Selfie Mantri… Ehh I mean Silvi Mantri. Kudos to the organisers of the event, and especially Saaket Sharma for making Fervour night happen.


The tragedies just went on from one to other way too fast. Before one could even heave a sigh of relief after T2, along came the assignments like Nagasaki after Hiroshima. Shoutboxx and Free Expression was loaded with the first yearites and their TRW surveys. Lady Sleep had very little time with the BITSians as everyone was rushing for the deadlines. Right after T2, the war cries went like, “We’ll make it up for COMPRE!”. I think I can faintly hear the war cries changing to “We’ll make it up next sem!”.
*Ping*. Hold on I think I have a notification.


The last two weeks stirred up the competitive spirit in everyone as the inter-bhavan competitions made its debut. The sports events saw fiery fighting from every Bhavan. As the cultural events progressed, much of the seniors’ Bhavans were close to ignorance. Krishna Bhavan nearly swept every event with huge numbers of participants making the organizers seriously reconsider the 10-points-per-participant rule. But the girls wouldn’t let that happen and Malaviya Bhavan made a great comeback to reach the top of the points table. Thought the final results haven’t been announced yet, it’s clear that these two Bhavans have the greatest chance at this.559597_1512355829050619_2174252585447878224_n

Gokul Nanda
Aayushi Sharma


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