Editor’s note #8

Hello again, BPHC. Hope you had a good T2.

If you didn’t, perhaps the best way to drown your sorrow would be to participate in the curtain raiser for our college’s cult-fest. Shangri-La, the string of events that is to encompass club performances, all-night events and much more, is all set to start on 15 November 2014.

The campus has been trying to revive Shangri-La for the last three years, and we at TDB are genuinely sure that the current team of fest organizers would be able to pull it off in a brilliant fashion.

On that note, this fortnight’s issue is themed “Fête de la Pearl”, and it’s a celebration of the cultural and fest-organizing prowess of the campus. The issue includes an article written by an external contributor from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, a girl who has been a regular visitor to BITS fests; an article on the kiss of love campaign that’s been trending in national news; an article on the ongoing Swachch Bharat campaign in the campus; a comic strip on Pearl; and the usual suspects – Just Bitsian Things, Campus Buzz, and Potpourri.

Give vent to your T2 frustrations by kicking ass at Renaissance (the Inter Bhawan contests) and Shangri-La, and as always, join us in our comments section and get a discussion going!

The Editor’s Desk


Ranjan Anantharaman
Arvind AS
Arvind Badri
Prashanti Chunduri
Sriya Ganesh
Sairam Ganti
Kushagra Mehta
Abhimanyu Mukherjee
Gokul Nanda
Sai Aparna Ramamoorthy
Vaidhiswaran Ramesh
Kartik Reddy
Ruthvi Reddy
Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah
Phani Teja
Meghana Yerabati


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