Campus Buzz #8


In light of the Central Government’s recent move to observe 31st October – Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s birth anniversary – as National Unity Day, the Student Welfare Division at BPHC organised a function. Never mind the fact that it was the first day of T2: an appreciable number of BPHC students still turned up to honour Sardar Vallabhai Patel, showing that BITSians are Indians first, rather than engineers.


The Director, Prof. V.S Rao, initiated the evening by administering the national unity pledge to all the students, staff and faculty. A showcase of books, essays on Sardar Vallabhai Patel and rare photographs of him, was also organised in the library.

The students kicked the dust off the roads as the Director flagged off the 2.5k ‘Run for Unity’ following his speech. Many students eagerly participated in this run and prizes for the same were distributed afterwards. Prizes for the essay contest organized by CIIE and the Placement Division (topic: “Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s contribution to the safety and security of India”), were also distributed.

Kudos to the SWD for having planned this, and a special appreciation for all those students who turned out there in patriotic spirit in spite of T2 exams.


These last two weeks have been the sports enthusiast’s dream. The college hosted a variety of sporting events starting from the fabled BPHC vs IITH encounter to the BPHC’s very own football league Liga BPHC.

It all started with the sports meet with IITH. They visited the campus on October 19th and participated in a plethora of sports such as cricket, volleyball, table tennis, and chess and so on. We won almost in almost all the sports except for cricket. Consequently we were also the winners of the sports meet. The Daily BITSian extends hearty congratulations to the athletes.

But any sport doesn’t end with winning or losing, it is making up for the loss and gearing up for the future that matters. Keeping that in mind, the Brindavanam society in BPHC organised a cricket league and invited all year students to participate. With total of 12 teams, the tournament saw a participation count as high as 130 students. The team lead by Sagar (2nd year M.E.) clinched the trophy, defeating the team lead by Pruthvi (1st year B.E.).

ligaBPHCThen came the biggest sporting event of the semester: Liga BPHC. The SU, in an effort to improve sports culture in the campus, has organised a football league known as BPHC LIGA. This ongoing tournament has eight teams and had their auctions on 29th October. The auctions raised the curiosity and expectations of many a juniors and seniors alike as bids as high as 12 lakhs were given. 150 students were auctioned between eight teams. Matches commenced on 4th November, right after T2. Do stay tuned to the Liga BPHC page for all the updates.

Finally, we have RIXA – the inter Bhawan sporting contests – kicking off this week. Our Sports Secretary also mentions that tournaments and leagues like this are being planned over for the next semester and year as well to improve the sporting culture at BPHC. He also promises for similar tournaments for cricket, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, etc. Let’s hope these promises live to see the light of day.


The Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan was kick started by our Prime Minister, Mr.Modi, by wielding a broom on the streets. “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean”- was stated as the motto. To support this novel campaign, our very own NSS Picture1(National Service Scheme) – BPHC Chapter, organised a ‘Cleanliness Drive’ on the 18th of October. In a place where the extent of ‘cleanliness’ has most people hunting for enough sleeping space in their rooms, it was a pleasant surprise to witness some 60 odd enthusiastic volunteers turning up to make the event a great success. The waste – mainly comprising of plastic matter – that was collected from the areas around CP and Amul filled up twelve bags entirely. The callously disposed waste displays the sad reality of our indifference to consequences like blockage of our drainage systems.

The motive behind this successful drive was to encourage everyone to take up the initiative to maintain that state of cleanliness every day. Now, we’ll just have to sit back and watch how that turns out. So, do lend a hand in building a cleaner campus and hence, a cleaner India.


An all India inter-university debate held by the British High Deputy Commission in association with British Council – and BPHC did not fail to deliver. Edging ahead of NALSAR University of Law to win of the Hyderabad heats, Reeti Sarkar and Sateja Paradkar bolted into the National Finals, to be held in New Delhi on 27th November.

1924972_10205317805323801_7295900437170579179_nThe finals boiled down to one tiebreaker. On one hand, there was NALSAR – more experience and more exposure, but fortunately, that put the odds in our favor. For while the opponents were evidently accustomed to the long, gripping PD speeches, but the tiebreaker demanded a compact one minute speech. The BPHC team proved their worth by moulding themselves better as per the demands of the situation – being flexible, saved the day.

When quizzed about this recent achievement, all Reeti had to say was how we just assume we’re not good enough because we don’t participate so much. We have much greater potential than we give ourselves credit for.

You have made us all immensely proud, Reeti and Sateja. The Daily BITSian  wishes you the best for the National Finals.


The less that is said about this topic, the better. The very thought of T2 might make people flinch. For some people, T2 is just a chance to visit the academic block after months of inactivity, while the active ones who had planned to ace T2 realized that plans have their own way of going awry. Somehow, there is always that particular set of people who take it on to their pride to raise the average in every single passing test. Oh, the horror they inflict on their fellow batch mates! But at the end of the hour, one response echoes in all corridors – T2 lite. Another thing that requires mention are the All night canteens in the Bhawans. Fuel to the students who toil all night to survive in the exam the following day. Also, who would say no to food? Anyway, T2 lite.


The campus put on a different outfit as the administration adorned the campus buildings with neon lights on the 23rd of October. The Sangam committee came out with flying colours as they organised the events and puja for Diwali.


There was a rangoli competition and an antakshari in the typical (interesting) boys vs girls manner. Following which – as is customary – we had Dr. Kumar Pranav Narayanan perform the Lakshmi puja. The entire campus, especially the messes, had thrown themselves into the festive mood by coming out with wonderful eye catching lamp arrangements.

The fun definitely didn’t end there, students thronged the lawns in front of Stage 2 with fireworks to showcase their festive mood in the form of fireworks which went on and on into the night. The only pity was that some students had gone back home to miss out on all this fun.

Vaidhiswaran Ramesh
Ruthvi Reddy


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