Editor’s Note #7

On the Lite side

Seven issues in. Wow, we feel old.

From laughing about stereotypes, to keeping you updated about campus events; from speaking about social issues to discussing technological advances in and around college, we’ve definitely come a long way. And here’s the best part: There’s more!

Post-ATMOS, life seems to have dulled down. The October chills have (finally!) kicked in and here is something relatively lighter to warm you up for the cold evenings. Around time for the first-yearites to mock us for our desperate attempts to act cooler than them, non? We have an article from Anon. (Don’t we love those?) We’ve also included an article so you finally know how to act like that macho sports guy. Er, can’t promise the ‘macho’ part, but the rest, sure. There’s the customary review of the fest – the laughs, the boos, and all that. The best part? An interview of Paradigm Shift. That was fun. (For us, at any rate!)

The best of our lot have come together to bring to you our first comic strip. Stay tuned, it shall be up anytime now. We’ve got some amazing art – in it’s definitive sense – in store for you again, the best of those sourced from on-campus club events.  Never forget, comrade, you can always contribute! Just send your best work to thedailybitsian@gmail.com

The Editor’s Desk.

The Team:

Ranjan Anantharaman
Arvind Badri
Abhiram Chavali
Sriya Ganesh
Sairam Ganti
Avi Jain
Kushagra Mehta
Abhimanyu Mukherjee
Gokul Nanda
Kartik Reddy
Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah
Aashrey Sharma
Shreyas Srivatsava
Sai Ram Tangirala
Phani Teja
Saurav Tripathy
Meghana Yerabati


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