The Fox and His Thoughts

The Fox and His Thoughts

The fox walked the forest path

And chanced upon a sleeping lion pride

As they snored and roared

With their mouths yawning wide

“Pathetic” he thought to himself

“I would make a better king

I would rule the land with fear

And strut with a mighty swing”

“My brains are matched by no beast

I can manipulate any that swim and fly

Alliances and conquests follow

And I’ll take over the sea and sky”

“I would dress in silken clothes

And smell of scented flower

I would get the monkey hordes

To build me a palace of power”

Suddenly a lion yawned loud

And the fox was jerked out of dreams

He ran back into the forest

Before the lions smelt his schemes

“A worthy king I would make,”

Thought the running fox

“If I could be as brave as a lion

And as burly as an ox”

He trotted away in a proud strut

Sure in his mind he was a worthy king to lead

But, too sure he was he would fail at his dream

Too scared to try to succeed

-Abhiram Chavali


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