Campus Buzz #7



For those of you who aren’t into comics, superhero fiction, cosplay and manga, Hyderabad hosted its 2nd Comic Con this 10 -12 Oct. While browsing through the internet to write a snippet on the same, I came across this  article on the success of  Comic Con ‘14 Hyd which had a cover photo of a junior from BPHC (God save him, now) posing alongside Power Rangers (seriously dude?), and he looked constipated. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only BITSian who ditched our beloved ATMOS for an event where hundreds of people go to celebrate their nerd-dom, get clicked alongside Power Rangers and wear skin tight coloured latex pants. Let me give you some reasons why they went to Comic Con :

1st – Wonder Woman! (This is Comic Con India , they weren’t in mini-skirts)

2nd – Lots of bare chested Wolverines (Again. India. Hairy)

3rd – Awesome cosplay events

4th – Exclusive Anime and Manga merchandise.

5th- Ron Marz, Nathan Edmunson, Vivek Tiwary and many more

So that brings me to my question: Do you guys need reasons to be at ATMOS- BPHC’s own techno-management extravaganza? We all want our campus to grow, to outmatch the fests conducted by colleges situated near wonderful sand-beaches (and those in sand itself), to compete with ‘Asia’s Largest Technical Festival’, and yet we cast aside something that we ought to take pride in and became the hypocritical cynics we are.

On another note, I love my new Naruto headband and Wolverine t-shirt.


In case you’re wondering what the title suggests, it’s the Telugu label for the Hoopoe bird, also called the ‘HudHud’ bird in Arabic; also the name given to the most devastating tropical cyclone to ever hit India. Nirmaan-BPHC chapter took up the responsibility of providing relief funds to the people affected by this disaster in the Saitarupeta region of Vizag. As a testimony to the fact that we BITSians are champions at doing things expeditiously at the eleventh hour, Nirmaan managed to collect more than Rs. 2 lakhs in cash, contributed by the student body, and 1125 kg of rice grains donated by  Aditya Caterers, Sun Elixir, Abhiruchi caterers and Viceroy in just a day’s time. We, at TDB, salute Nirmaan’s volunteers and all the students who contributed towards these humanitarian efforts; and wish a speedy recovery to the calamity affected areas.


So an aftermath of the techno-management fest seems to be lighter wallets for the BITSians. Everyone had a great three days, spending huge bundles of greens on rip-off tacos, rip-off pizzas, rip-off sandwiches, and rip-off milkshakes from nine amazing rip-off stalls (none of which appeared to sell water). I still have no idea what to do with the residual ATMOS food coupons though, the likes of which will never see the daylight from my wallet again. So here we are slowly succumbing back to mess food (apparently so are some dead flies). Crabby as this may sound, crabs have now been spotted in the mess. But not to worry folks, this one was alive and running on the floor…. for now.


There are essentially two types of freshers who emerged after the T1: one, who set their goal to become the CT’s, and the other, who have accepted the ‘bhai, humse na ho payega’ philosophy and now become CT’s and T’s every other day. In case you didn’t catch the reference, don’t waste your precious time reading this and go prepare for T2s. The highly contagious LAN gaming fever has spread through the Ram and Krishna Bhawans . CS, FIFA and AOE enthusiasts can be seen carrying their laptops back to their rooms in the wee hours of the morning. Exams are due next week, and for those of you who don’t know the syllabus yet, don’t worry, search the group page of your batch , and you will find this question asked at least a dozen times. My advice to you – stop condemning yourself to solitary nights in your room playing with your own… ahem… joystick.


The SMP classes started this year with all the sound and fury of a three year-old. A few classes started off well, and then came the outcry “will resume after T1”, followed by “will resume after ATMOS”. Now the recess is over and SMP is finally back; but the number of students attending the programs has lamentably fallen down. Hopefully, the strength will increase as the days advance.

P.S: Those lads (with absolutely no hidden motive whatsoever to impress girls), who were waiting for Guitar SMP to start are still waiting.


The golden promise of an ATMOS Magazine never saw the light of the day. A plan which had been under consideration for no less three months, including a part of the Summer vacations, had to be unfortunately done away with. Some sources mentioned that this was due to design issues. Although the website was commendable, some articles written for the magazine were written in vain as the ATMOS magazine never happened/ Bygones will be bygones, but the realization that a national fest needs its fair share of publicity should come in handy the next time. Maybe one day, a magazine for a fest will become tradition rather than just a possibility!

-Gokul Nanda


Avi Jain


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