Editor’s Note #6

BPHC: The temple of the Jedi

Missed us?

TDB is back, and this time, you will notice several new things: for one, we’re going technical. We can’t promise you anything, but talks are in progress regarding a complete column for knowledge. Math, Science, History, unravelling the mysteries of space and time.

For now, though, we’ve got an article from Adithya Murali on science as natural philosophy, from the point of view of an old man who looks back at science with the eye of a cynic. Speaking of cynics, there’s an article from Himanshu that looks at the world from the point of view of a teenager quite similar to Holden Caulfield, and wants to raise hell.

A different kind of hell is being raised: one that we all approve of strongly, in Jadavpur University. Reeti’s article on Hok Kolorob will give you the perspective on certain events going on in Kolkata right now, that have taken national media by storm. Also in recent news was the untimely and shocking demise of Mandolin U Shrinivas, noted carnatic musician. Arvind’s article hopes to cherish one of the strongest memories that he has of his childhood, that involves him.

To answer one of the questions most of you have always had, Karthik Vickraman explains how exactly you go about receiving the Director’s funding for a project. In that, and in another article listing a few of the projects that are being pursued this semester, we bring out what we reckon are the Jedi of the campus.

This ATMOS, may the force be with you!


The Editor’s Desk.


The team for Issue VI:

Komal Agrawal
Ranjan Anantharaman
Arvind Badri
Rakshika Bagavathy
Sairam Ganti
Sai Rajiv Krishna
Charudatta Manwatkar
Kushagra Mehta
Abhimanyu Mukherjee
Adithya Murali
Gokul Nanda
Himanshu Rai
Kartik Reddy
Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah
Karthik Vickraman
Meghana Yerabati


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