SOP Watch

Compiling The Projects Being Pursued By BPHC Students

Ideas, in their crude beginnings, can fuel the way to curious destinations. Projects are the tools that can be used to finally realize everything that one learns within the confines of a classroom. They help us bring something relevant out into the world, falling in step with the latest endeavours of the modern world.

We approached Prof. Kannan Ramaswamy to find out what the best way to approach a project is. He mentions a few important points, and a few experiences, that can help one with going about one’s project.

The important things that the students must remember when they are planning on doing a project, whether informally or formally, are:

  1. Interest:

    A project can only be succesful when the student is interested. Students should be aware of the subject they’re getting into before they decide to do a project. Both the student as well as the faculty adviser should maintain the same level of enthusiasm with the project.

  1. Faculty-Student Interactions:

    The faculty in college is one’s biggest asset. It is suggested to keep in touch with faculty, and meet the adviser once a week. If the student can’t make it to the meet, he/she should intimate their adviser and make it up whenever possible. He is reminded of his M.Sc. Physics students from the 2008 batch. 12 out of his 33 students are presently doing a Ph.D. abroad. All of these students had an amazing rapport with the faculty. He believes that if the students are enthusiastic, the faculty members are enthused as well.

  1. Fundamentals:

    Fundamentals play an important role in your research. Kannan Sir explains that he usually conducts his SOP meet after dinner. He sits with his students and they discuss topics from the very basics. The progress is slow, but they try to understand the project completely.

  1. Advanced Research:

    It is very important to stay updated with the latest research/ applications of a topic. But first, one can read textbooks and then proceed to scientific papers and journals. Pursuing projects should not be about getting credit, it should be driven by interest.

He signs off by saying that he believes that the students have extreme potential, and when they go exploring into the very depths,they end up teaching the teachers and leave them proud and amazed.

The Daily BITSian will be doing an issue-wise roundup of projects being done on campus. This way students who are interested in a particular field can finally talk about what their project is really about. In this issue, we have a few selected projects that you can read about. Do contact them and talk to them about their project if you find it interesting!

Right now, the list is incomplete: do ask more people to fill up the form available here.

The results of the survey are compiled here.

Interview and survey compilation by:
Komal Agrawal
Rakshika Bagavathy
Meghana Yerabati


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