Hell Raiser

I have always wanted to raise hell on Earth. Hell, like every other abstract thing depends totally on perception and O boy! Did our perceptions get fucked up? Some people believe all that Dante’s crap of the seven circles of hell and all the boiling in oil, all the swaying back and forth and the inhuman labour as if hell is some Nazi Camp and God is Adolph Freaking Hitler. Some think that hell and heaven exist simultaneously on the Earth, the ‘good’ things are heaven and the ‘bad’ ones are hell, which is stupid because the good people suffer due to the bad while the bad thrive on the philanthropy of the good. Isn’t Hell supposed to torture people? Anyways, I am going off track again as is often the case with me. I find it hard to subject my thoughts to linearity.  But I’d say, all these ideas about heaven and hell, they kill me.

Well, I had been thinking about the raising hell desire I have had, and I have been working on a plan for it. I am looking for comrades. You know how you want to do something but people don’t get it, like you run 10 miles and you tell people about it, they say ‘Good job’ and shit  but you know they don’t understand the pain you went through, they just don’t want to upset you, such phonies! However I am looking for people who get exactly what I mean when I talk about raising hell and stuff. But I don’t think you all are that smart, so here’s the plan.

Hell means discomfort to me. So I will begin with killing everything that makes our lives convenient and for that I have to begin with murdering modern day science.  Science is this tap that keeps on flowing with useless inventions and innovations so we can spend more time sitting on your asses, or better yet lying down. O Boy! How do I murder science? It isn’t like it lives in some building; it resides in minds and how can you murder minds without murdering people? You use symbolism.

So I will blow up NASA.  If I have to, I will sit on a damn atom bomb and dive towards it from the sky. Just think about it, they are looking for lives and resources on other planets, like we haven’t screwed up our planet enough. We got to leave our garbage on the rest of the universe too. They are not like Da friggin’ Vinci, he wasn’t trying to get comfortable, he was trying to get efficient and boy did he pay the price for it.  Maybe if we could stop looking at the sky for a while we will notice what is happening on the ground. I am going to burn down every research facility in the world so that all efforts of turning humans into bums are ruined. I will be like Guy Fawkes and the whole world will be my British Parliament.

After we have gotten rid of the production house of consumerism, it is time to attack the disease itself. So I think riots will take care of all the supermalls and markets. We are a part of the society who has a button for everything. Want to travel? Open some travel channel. Are you hungry? Order a pizza. Are you horny? Sure, you can find some porn over the web. Are you lonely? Call a friend. Want love? Buy a wife (Happens in some countries). I guess you get it. So this thing has to go. We have to kill all connectivity, which means all the mobile networks and the internet has to go. Same thing with the television, it is like cocaine with a fake high. Burn all books. Get rid of everything we ever knew. All this has turned us into a bunch of phonies, who just talk shit and have no clue of what we are bloody on about. It is sad that we learn of the crisis within us from a book that tells us that we are the middle children of history without a purpose or place. Why can’t we figure it out for ourselves? Goddamn idiots, we are.

The soul of this civilization dies with the death of technology. Now we have to clear the body. So smash down cars, buildings, roads and even bloodyTitanic. We don’t need all this. All of it is a distraction, an idea that keeps us alien from our own beings. Surely, we could manage without gasping for pleasure each and every second of our life. I want the death of this civilization, complete annihilation and I don’t mind suicide nuclear bombing it if I have to.

You might wonder why I don’t try being a leader and get my point across and make some followers? Well I don’t think I’d feel like speaking to a bunch of lazy bums and people are so fickle, if they get something they get all hyper about it and the fire in them lasts as long as a matchstick. So, instead of quoting Shakespeare or Tyler Durden and convincing people to quit their useless education, their soul crushing jobs, their ungrateful children and their ugly wives I take away everything they own and then they don’t have a choice.

If I go on writing everything it will take a lot of pages and I don’t feel like it. You pretty much get what I want to say. If you don’t, don’t bother.

Creation and Destruction are cyclic. I have been talking only about destruction. Quit college, quit work, quit this dependent life, fuck NASA, fuck the government, fuck everything made of concrete, burn all your clothes, burn everything you have ever built. So what after that?

Do you know why I want to raise hell on this earth? Why do I want to take away all your pleasures? It is because the world in its present form is boring. Living has become so easy that we don’t think about it. I want to take us all back to the earliest form of civilization, the jungle rule, survival of the strongest. No unnecessary attachments. No medical sciences, no unnecessary prolonging of life, just one natural great life. The idea of that sort of world kills me.

Living shouldn’t be easy, the suffering gives meaning to it and if we take away that we are just a bunch of idiots looking for suffering. So we go back to the jungles. We sleep on trees.  We pluck our food or we kill it. We learn to make a fire again, we wear leaves again or just stroll naked. We wake up the sound of birds chirping and we fall asleep counting the stars. We form real friendships based on ideas and on trusting someone with our ass and not just because they perform the same sort of intellectual masturbation as us. We love for real entirely non-dependent on a good internet connection, phone balance, clothes or the amount of money one has in the bank. We get drunk on love and write songs about how happy we are to be alive, to live another day.  We live in the most basic and fundamental of human condition, and that kills me.

To the people who still don’t get it, you might be thinking that this doesn’t sound bad, in fact it sounds wonderful. This isn’t hell, this is heaven. All you people just try living like this for a day and tell me that wasn’t hell for you.

I want hell. More than anything I have ever wanted to do, being the hell raiser is my deepest desire. I want to turn the wheels of time and throw this world in such despair that it can only come out stronger on the other side and those who fail to do it, simply perish. People die anyways.

I would want to talk more about it, and myself and all other desires I have but I don’t think you’d get it and even if you’d I don’t think I would feel like it.

Himanshu Rai


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