Campus Buzz #6


The week of pre- ATMOS saw a lot of first yearites inside classrooms again – don’t judge just yet – in the EVENING. Yes folks, it was time for the Pre-ATMOS workshop line ups. We had CSA, Phoenix, MEA and CEA in the lead arranging a wonderfully clashing schedule of some amazing workshops. This was the first event to actually bring out the naw-I’ll-just-sit-in-my-room-and-be-a-10P group of people from the freshers.

CSA arranged a week long workshop covering R-programming, Web development and  Do-it-yourself, while simultaneously holding an Android App development workshop.  Phoenix drew a large crowd with its much needed Arduino workshop; MEA did its own series of Pro-E, RC Cars and FlexSim; CEA hosted a workshop for Autodek Revit Architecture. A fabulous effort by the seniors, to bring up to speed their predominantly uninformed juniors. Sadly, none of them will be getting a certificate, just like the first yearites who thought they would when they were coughing up the greens, to join them.


Additionally, MEA in association with ‘Aerotrix’ conducted a Hovercraft workshop where all the participants got a hands-on experience and walked away with a hovercraft of their own, while CEA arranged for a workshop on tall buildings in association with Civil Simplified (yes, they gave certificates). A presentation on “Analytics Driven Transition Planner” was given by Dr. Vaishali Sadaphal and Dr. Maitreya Natu as part of the pre-ATMOS lecture series (thanks to CSA and BITS Embryo).

Everyone is beyond pumped for the first fest of the academic year. Quite a few more events are lined up, including the Rubik’s Cube workshop, an Algomech competition, and a line follower contest, before the fireworks actually begin. Let’s go BITSIANS!


The distribution of T1 papers ensued great chaos amongst the first timers as the oaths and promises of everyone who wanted a transfer to Computer Science, fell faster than Humshakals’ did from the theatres. Quite a number of professors were impressed with the significantly higher averages of the 2014 batch (to the dismay of some). On the brighter side, the class population in their lectures has finally gone down as the freshers finally attained ‘enLITEenment’.


While many chose to retreat to the safety of their mother’s food these holidays, those who decided otherwise had a thrilling time arranging the the pooja and celebrations for this year’s Dusshera.

The idol arrived on the evening of the 30th (courtesy of Yash and Bhumit from the third year ) and the following morning saw the Murti Sthaapana pooja which was attended by many students as well as our Chief Warden. What better way to enjoy the evening than a nice old bout of Antakshari, right? Notably, Aakriti Saraf and Pragiti Gupta sang their way to glory. The next day witnessed an Aarti and Mahaashtami Pushpanjali. On Vijayadashmi day, the final pooja was performed and subsequently the Raavan Dahan.

But all that hardly constitutes the chief activities of BITSians. Free food is a good thing; Even better when it’s the all-time favorite rasgulla. Put these together in a competition, and voila, the ultimate pastime. Well at least it was for our winners, Reeti Sarkar and Sai Teja. The Gujarati Association took it upon themselves to lead the Dandiya dance which even saw remarkable partaking from a lot of parents. For the first time, our campus got a taste of Bengali arts with Dhunuchi Dance and Dhak Baajna – courtesy Tirthankar Saha and Co. The LSD and a lot freshers deserve a pat on the back for some commendable work during the festivities. None of this would’ve been possible without the collaboration of the four cultural groups of Gitanjali, Gujarati Association, Utkal Samaj and Sangam.


Delegates at the conference

BPHC’s annual Model UN conference, BITSMUN, was conducted successfully on October 3, 4 and 5. Considering that this year, BITSMUN was conducted on a different date, not along with ATMOS, the logistics work that went into the event was truly commendable, and the event was carried out without a hiccup. Arvind, the director general, told TDB in an interview that the turnout was disappointing and that he had completely lost faith in Hyderabad, since, according to him, two days before the event, around 90% of the people confirmed that they’d be attending the conference, but only 50% turned up on the actual day. The logistics team and the financial team were constantly on the run, working tirelessly to salvage the event, and boy, did they do a brilliant job! Everyone who came were satisfied with the event and BITSians walked away with the bulk of the prizes once again. In a surprising turn of events, though, the BITSian delegation came on stage and said that IIIT-Hyderabad deserved the ‘Best Large Delegation’ award more than they did, and the award was presented to IIIT-H. The best small delegation award was won by SRM University, Chennai.

League of Nations

League of Nations

BPHC winners:

  • Best Delegate: Futuristic Military Council
    Arvind AS
  • High Commendation: League of Nations
    Bhanu Srivastav
  • Second High Commendation: League of Nations
    Srimanta Barua
  • High Commendation: Futuristic Military Council
    Abhishek Dave
  • High Commendation: Futuristic Military Council
    Sri Sai Ram Tangirala
  • Third High Commendation (Best Novice Delegate): Human Rights Council
    Sairam Ganti
  • Best Journalist: International Press
    Meghana Kumar
  • Best Photojournalists: International Press
    Sriya Ganesh, Ayush.

We at TDB congratulate the OC for conducting BITSMUN ‘14 without a hiccup and sending  delegates back home with a smile on their faces.
P.S.: Do check out the hilarious Twitter feed by @bitsmun_hyd!

The General Body Meet

The first General Body Meet of the semester was held on September 24, 2014. The hastily organized meet barely had a post out on Shoutboxx, and in the clamour of multiple other events, workshops and freshers’ meets, was almost forgotten; but a few of us regulars made sure we didn’t miss it. Many important things were brought out, most of them having their fair share of controversy, but there are quite a few things that make us really proud. Notable among them was the decision that the mess deduction would be as low as ₹100, and even that, only if the fest ran into a loss. Also among them was the informal talk that was had with officials of Airtel and Vodafone, which means, finally, that the Idea monopoly is coming to an end.

Another slightly shady issue that was brought up, but wasn’t deliberated much upon, was the ATMOS magazine. Some of the members who worked towards coming up with articles meant for publicity, were disappointed that the articles seem to have been forgotten about. With a week left for ATMOS, the magazine is yet to see the light of day, and the question is: will it ever?

Arvind Badri
Gokul Nanda.


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