Editor’s Note #5

We got this done. Phew.

Good job surviving T1, comrade. We can go back to life as usual now. However, due to the sudden onset of sincere studying, we /postponed/ work on this issue. Soon, tests were over. We needed a break. There was no way we were going to work on this immediately.

Days of procrastination later, as the deadline loomed closer, we panicked. Hence, we resolved to name the issue the first thing that came to our heads – Deadline Dash (so meta, right?). We scrambled about in a mad rush, and put together a surprisingly quality product. Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is.

Consisting of an unconnected yet complete set of articles, Deadline Dash features in its blog roll: a satire on everybody’s favourite first year class, TRW; a bunch of gibberish about DC; and some nonsense on procrastination. Also included is propaganda on BITSMUN, and an insider look into TEDx. We also have the usual suspects – Campus Buzz and Just Bitsian Things.

Potpourri has some really interesting entries this time. And don’t forget: you can contribute too! Apart from sending in your work, if you have article suggestions, or you wish to volunteer as a writer, drop a message to our Facebook page.

With a minute to go to midnight, Deadline Dash has lived up to its name. As always, we hope you enjoy reading this issue. Keep the love coming, people.

Editor’s Desk.


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