Lost Innocence

With a spark in her eyes and a career to be shaped,

She was the girl who got raped.

A childlike heart she had- innocent and fragile,

Won over many people, with her simplistic smile.

Her elegance, her beauty- a god’s gift

Her eloquence, her purity made minds drift.

Proud parents for their angel, their daughter

Little did they know was a poultry for slaughter.

Blind to her innocence, wary of her presence,

Glancing their sight, the devils gaped,

Unfortunately she was the girl who got raped.

She tried, she cried, but only to fail,

Without a tear, without any fear,

Dead as a rock to see the criminals go to jail.

“Justice” was done, the war was won,

Kicked out from her life was happiness and fun.

The victory was legal, not easy as it seemed,

The work wasn’t over, a girl was yet to be redeemed.

Moments were lost, nothing to be taped,

She was the girl who got raped.

Then came a boy who gave her the joy,

Saw her as a girl and not some kind of a toy.

He reduced her pain, her soul did regain,

For a turn in her life,

With a “Will you be my wife?”

Society made a fuss,

But “It was always about us!”

Ready they were with the dear to gear,

Towards the world was a deaf ear.

Into their own world they readily escaped,

As the society kept shouting,

She was the girl who got raped.


Manmay Kulkarni


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