DC & Me

Disclaimer: This is not a guide, or a story. It’s a series of pretty random observations by a staunch devotee of DC.

God is in many forms. StrongDC, Apex DC, and His most preferred divine form: DC++. He helps those who seek it. He contains all, and is contained by all. He is loved unconditionally, and doesn’t judge you – whether you seek his Holiness for noble learning or animalistic pleasures. DC is love, DC is life. For each time the forces of darkness rise, light shines to fight it – and so shall our beloved hero wage war against the censoring evils of the vicious Cyberoam.

Hub owners are basically superheroes

Everybody has the ability to create hubs, but few use their powers for the greater good. The next time you lose faith in humanity, just remember these guys: hosting hubs, moderating them and never asking for anything in return. Without the mask, they are people you see every day – eating in the mess, hanging outside Amul, and going to classes (haha). It is the golden key hovering next to their nick that makes them great – never ever take them for granted. Guys, I salute you.

Anagrams is an underground world

A man has to download large files sometimes. A man decides to wait for these files to download, because a man is patient. A man notices a game being played on the screen. A man joins in.

Anagrams and Numbers are a thriving scene. People come for the download, but stay for the thrill of the game. It takes a few minutes to jump 100 ranks, but hours to break into the elite top 10. Sometimes it’s not enough being a human calculator, you need random skills such as the ability to press 1 and Enter in 0.000001 seconds. It’s a labyrinth, and soon you’ll stay up nights pounding your keyboard, hoping to surpass even the Legend of Rock3r, whose real name is rumoured to be Anagram itself.

“You must be *this* high to climb this ride”

Then there is the minimum share policy. I personally love this, as it encourages a clear hierarchy. No limit? It’s filled with random rabble and shameless leechers. 25GB? It is a respectable and well-functioning hub. 100GB? A bit exclusive, yet it’s more fun to go through the file lists as each person usually has something to offer. 200 GB? For the classiest. Looking forward to the day where there’s a 1 TB limit. That’ll be something.

Of course there’s not much of a point since everyone is on every hub anyway.

The Crowd

Of course, a hub is only made by its people. Since I love classifying things, here’s the sort of shares you’ll see. Which kind are you?

  • God Sharers: 1 TB+, most frequented file lists. Have vast stores of TV Shows and Movies, first place to look if you’re searching for a new addiction. The primary body of DC.
  • The Pirates: Usually hub owners, though consisting of other respectable people. They faithfully serve the kingdom, updating it with new content and constantly taking requests. The life force of DC, and the ones who keep it relevant. Torrent long and prosper.
  • The Specialists: Short shares, but useful. They usually house things like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S all seasons HD” or the complete collection of Hitchcock movies.
  • The Here-to-Learn! : Their shares contain video tutorials, slides for courses, past question papers, informative documentaries and GRE preparation material. Not often used, but important section of the cult.
  • The Gamers: These could be the guys having iso files of every single-player game, or new maps, software and updates for popular LAN games. Keep going, bros!
  • The Diverse: Do you share football videos? Have a large collection of e-books? Perhaps you dabble in anime and manga? Or maybe you own discographies of over twenty bands. Whether sharing useful software or adding anything of value to our network, you, friend, are the above-average citizen.
  • Lowlife Scum: The people who upload files from Local Disk (C: ), so they can pass the minimum share limit. Please die, douchebags.
  • Bold merchants: While DayWalker came at a time when things seemed heavily restricted and he was the only one ballsy enough to share certain movies, these guys are a dime a dozen today. It isn’t even a big deal anymore. That doesn’t mean you guys stop – please continue sharing whatever you have, so everybody can continue doing whatever they do.
  • Wut: Share episode 201-279 of Balika Vadhu. No comments.

The lengthy conversations on DC chat

There are only three types of conversations I’ve seen on DC chat:

  1. User1: Is Internet working?
    User2: no
    User3: no
    User4: no bro
  2. User1: Mess food sucked today
    User2: It always sux
  3. User1: Anyone wanna play anagrams?
    User2: me

Seriously, who even needs Facebook?

Procrastinators UNITE!

DC is an amazing place. You don’t even need to watch the stuff you download. You can make fancy collections that you can show off to people off campus. You can endlessly browse file lists, trying to guess what type of people they are. You can download a particular movie, watch a scene, and delete it. And my favourite hobby: skim file lists and download personal files that were unintentionally shared. Voyeuristic, and proud. All hail the Lord, DC.

Kartik Reddy

P.S.: Movie suggestion – Seven Psychopaths or The Vengeance Trilogy.
TV Show Suggestion – The Office.


One thought on “DC & Me

  1. Holy mother of the father of Jesus!!I had no idea we had such amazing writers in our campus. Rib-tickling article.Kudos, man.Kudos.

    PS- Thanx for mentioning the office.I felt like I was the only person who ever saw it.Its such a great show and virtually no one knows anything about it. Knowing a fellow admirer exists made me satisfied(That’s what she said!)

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