Campus Buzz #5

T1 Strikes Again

It was that time of the semester again: when the roads seem empty, couples on campus say their early goodnights, and the whole campus goes into a frenzied routine of night-outs and last minute studying.

T1s came and T1s went, invoking a surge of sincerity and a short-lived enthusiasm for attending classes. The hostel night canteens made a welcome return with all those who pulled an all-nighter flocking to them for that much-needed mid-night snack.

Well, life goes on, and the junta awaits the paper distributions (not).  The initial hangover has subsided, and the Clubs, Assocs, Departments, and Societies have made a much anticipated comeback with events, practices and classes lining up the schedules for the evenings .

Bru To The Rescue

While most of us have managed to scrape through the Test week without any lasting injuries, Brusave the occasional existential crisis (“What am I doing with my life?”), the majority would agree that a hot cuppa at Bru can really help discover the nocturnal beings in a frantic soul. Binge studying has always been the norm and the feat was made possible owing to that eight rupees well spent at Bru.

The privilege of featuring a constant eatery and beverage stall right outside the boys’ bhawans has always been an annoyance to the womenfolk of BPHC. Bru, as the name has stuck, has been the lifeline of the ever-hungry junta of the campus. And this time, the ladies have a reason to rejoice.

If you spot the Bru-wale-uncle at the stall, and it’s not during the wee hours, a simple conversation can reassure you that a Bru-2 on campus is in progress, and is soon to replace the position of the once existing coke-station. What’s more, Bru-2 is all set to be bigger and better, promising to outdo itself. Ask him for the date of the opening, and he smiles, to mouthing the word, a ‘soon’. Nevertheless, business is promising, and the residents of Meera and Malaviya Bhawans can revel in it.

Pilani Bows To The Hyderabadi Spirit

Amidst the talent and grandeur, fellow BITSians bid adieu and best luck to the sixty honchos of BPHC leaving for the BITS Open Sports Meet, who have decided to take the sister campus by storm – a few already managing to grab titles and glorify the Hyderabad Campus.

With a strong resolve, the lack of coaches or a few facilities can be overcome. This was proved by the athletes of BPHC who won many coveted titles, each trying to make BPHC proud by proving their mettle. True to its adage, BITSians have glorified the Hyderabad campus, battling with grit and guts.

As the contingent to BOSM practiced within an inch of their lives (forgive the expression), the anxiety of travelling and registrations was well managed by the Fest Coordinating Committee (FCC), which saw its inception recently. True to the word of the General Secretary’s manifesto, the FCC has put in a great effort in settling the troubles of transit and enrolment of each participant.

The Daily BITSian wishes all the participants best of luck, and congratulates the winners for their amazing performances.

  • Aishwary Joshi – Gold -100m Backstroke
  • Aishwary Joshi – Silver – 100m Breaststroke
  • Chukka Prajeethprabhu – Bronze – 1500m Athletics
  • Surya Tej Boddu – Silver – 50m Breaststroke
  • Sakshi Gupta – Bronze – 100m Freestyle
  • Sakshi Gupta – Bronze – 50m Breaststroke
  • Imam Ali – Silver – Powerlifting
  • Shantanu Bharadwaj and Kanishk Upreti – 3rd Place – Football Quiz

BITSians, Whistle Podu

If we know one thing well, it is how to have our fun. With T1s over, and Hyderabad hosting Champions League T20 after years (blame the Telangana agitation), BITSians took full advantage of the KKR vs CSK match right after T1, and booked tickets en masse. CL T20 (2)Our Fest Organising Body took it as an opportunity for publicity, quite innovatively we must add, airing the banner for ATMOS for more than 10 seconds of screen time on national television. Also, kudos to the new Students Union for the special arrangements made for the students’ return journey with the extension of campus in-time.

Debating Chronicles : Of PDs and MUNs

Come this weekend, students headed off to NALSAR University of Law and Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology for a British Parliamentary debate and an MUN, respectively.

The most sought after Debate in the country, NALSAR Inter Varsity Debate, had a contingent from BPHC that ended up settling with an amazing experience only after making sure that the engineers gave a hard time to the to-be-lawyers of the country. The performance of the team was lauded and appreciated by the participating colleges.

After the very successful Mock MUN, the enthusiastic BITSMUN Organizing Committee sent a contingent to CBIT for their annual Model UN Conference. It was arguably the biggest and most successful BITSian contingent to ever participate in an MUN.CBITMUN

  • Best Delegation: BPHC
  • Best Delegate (LoN): Arvind Badri
  • Best Delegate (UNSC): Arvind AS
  • Special Mention (UNSC): Avi Jain
  • Special Mention (UNGA): Adnan Ahzam

The Daily BITSian congratulates all the delegates and participants and hopes the enthusiasm continues in the future.

‘Enigma’tic Regionals

As the 3rd edition of ATMOS, the National Techno-Management fest of BPHC, draws nearer, immense expectations and aspirations to outperform the previous versions has settled on the competent shoulders of the members of The Quiz Club of BPHC. They left no stone unturned in ensuring that Enigma receives a fitting precursor through in its regionals.Enigma

On 21st September, 2014, quiz lovers across the country witnessed an opportunity to break through and attain the title to be among the nation’s best quizzers. With regionals being conducted in 4 different cities- Pune (AFMC Pune), Chennai (IIT Madras), Thrissur (GEC) and Bengaluru (IIM-Bangalore)- each centre managed to grab between twenty and eighty teams, hailing from different colleges, including the likes of IIT-Madras, IIM-Bangalore and IIM- Kozhikode.

With a school quiz due on 28th September, 2014, in Hyderabad, the final regional round will be conducted at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, on 11th October, 2014, during ATMOS. This will be followed by the final round which will see some of the country’s best quizzers battling and brainstorming their way out in a quiz hosted by Navin Rajaram, one of country’s finest Quizmasters.

The Quiz Club of BPHC surely must have burst in joy, <insert exchanges of “Whatte man” and tamil slangs here>  having successfully managed to bring in a participation befitting their immense efforts. Nevertheless, the finals are due, and surely the Quiz Club will strive to keep the participants on their toes with a quiz that is nothing short of an intellectual delight.


Maya Nagasunder
Sagar Shah


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