The Soul of a Freshman

Unafraid and ambitious, a girl who had been trapped her entire life in the sleepy city she’s always lived in, takes an invigorating breath as she lays her eyes on what was going to be hers for the next half a decade. She sighs as she realizes that every action she had taken, every Math problem she had solved, and every time she had awoken early in the morning in the last two years had cumulatively led up to this singular moment and she affirmed to herself that it was indeed worth it. College, she had anticipated, was stuff that dreams were made up of.

Her first steps are hesitant. She skims through the unknown yet undecidedly familiar faces, each tied to their own stories, each treading a different journey and each just as apprehensive but simultaneously considering themselves fitting to have finally made it to college. This is her dream—in all its glory—unfurling itself in front of her as she waits patiently for magic to happen.

Somehow, everyone seems friendly and ready to connect. She is awed, again and again, by the plethora of talents, and people’s will to harness their passions. Everyone’s purpose is different: some had already found them; and some had come here to find out what was truly in store for them. It seems a ceaseless and invigorating process: the sculpting of their untarnished souls.

Never having been exposed to the vibrant side of the world, she smiles as she mentally maps out all the clubs she was going to join. She makes virtual schedules for that perfect 10 CGPA she would obtain. Her geeky heart palpitates as she witnesses the alacritous speed of DC++ Downloads.

So far, college appeared as a toothsome buffet and she is precariously prepared to grab a plate.

But just like the ball drops at midnight, the bubble is bound to burst.

There are instances that offer a peek beyond the bubble that seems dangerously close to bursting, with each passing encounter: Foolishness seems unforgivable, of course. They’re always out to get you, them seniors. One silly question, and pop, there it goes. And of course, as the weeks gather, it seems clearer that the illusion of a perfect CGPA came right out of a page from something possibly titled as ‘Utopian Diaries’.

But nonetheless, the vision of college had always been one so charming and the spirit of a freshman commands her to dive in all at once with exuberance. She scans through the visages of all her companions sailing in the same boat but navigating it oh-so-differently. It had never been like this before. She had finally managed to get rid of that undefined unrest that kept mocking her all along. She drenches herself in this freedom she can’t get enough of and makes a promise to never let her freshman spirit die.

She’s come this far now; she collects her days, one at a time… She weaves them into a pretty story to narrate: the soul of an ebullient freshman.

Meghana Kumar


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