Campus Buzz #4

SU and its headaches

The election results were announced, of course, and even if you’ve been living under a rock, the sound of the partying in the Bhawans should have kept you from sleeping through the results. We hail the winners and salute the losers, and hope that the campus sees yet another successful set of fests underatmos their leadership. It was a tension packed couple of weeks abuzz with controversies, but things are starting to fall back into a dreary routine now.

ATMOS work jumped into the fast lane, with publicity and sponsorship departments working in overdrive. The fest is finally taking shape, and judging by the work being put in, will probably cement ATMOS as a brand, and a force to be reckoned with. However, there is uncertainty about the dates, due to several external factors – like ComicCon Hyderabad scheduled to happen in the same time period. This is causing a lot of stress to the Fest Organising Body, but rest assured, the fest is in capable hands.

Assocs and departments and clubs, oh my!

The past fortnight saw the induction of members into clubs and departments in campus. Minions came in hordes, blissfully unaware that they were readily selling themselves into slavery, while the seniors chuckled at their naivety. Days were made, hearts were broken, and more importantly, work was delegated. Forward, ho!

All the campus clubs have awakened from their slumber: most have had their introductory meets, and a few, like the Quiz Club, have hit the ground running, with two fantastic quizzes already conducted. In a bid to impress the new recruits, clubs are trying to have as many events as possible, with some skirting dangerously close to the approaching T1. Club elections are also set to happen very soon, and curiously, most secretary nominations are unanimous. Since the SU elections are done, these are low-key and are moving ahead without incident. Smart work by the EC.
The regional assocs were busy at work as well: it’s fair to say that this was the best Vinayak Chaturthi that was celebrated on campus in my time here. Maharashtra Mandal had really kicked some ass here; and I personally absolutely love that they have collaborated with Swaranjali, the classical fine arts society of the campus to create the beautiful cultural night. The dance performances stole our hearts and the songs stirred our souls, and as a classical music enthusiast, I could have asked for nothing better. For the foodies, there was the quintessentially Malayali Onam feast that anybody who ate, would surely affirm, was worth the cost.

Of Mentors and MUN

There was an overdose of tech: The Student Mentorship Program had their inaugural classes for most of the programs they are offering, including, but not limited to, World Languages, Wikipedia Editing, Mechanical Engineering, Python Programming, Creative Writing, and Math Theorems. The sheer diversity really makes me proud to be a classmate of the students organizing this, and my hopes are high that they’ll keep this running for the rest of the year.

CRUx, a force to reckon with on the tech side of things, has their own share of workshops and orientations – competitive coding, Big Data and other technobabble.
BITS Embryo have also been very busy, arguably the most active group right now, having a multitude of talks from various distinguished people as well as students from our own campus.10596056_10204688582596066_1629799291_nThere was a Mock MUN, which was a precursor to the grand BITSMUN being hosted less than a month from now. The OC has selected its members, and work has begun, so if you’re done with your application, you better get that suit ready, quick!

Nightmare on Fresher Street Pt.1

Most technical assocs also had their freshers, where the third years go for burgers, the second years for an evening of entertainment, and the first years to socialize and meet friendly seniors (“It’s a trap!”). There were an alarming number of events clashing, as everyone struggled to find a slot, and a room, to have their event in. This was probably caused by an increase in number of clubs, and t1 being preponed.

Nightmare on Fresher Street Pt.2

teacher's dayTeacher’s day. It’s the same every year: clueless juniors and boo-generous seniors. As per tradition,it was conducted entirely by RAF and the freshers. It started the same as always: with MSR sir lighting the lamp and LSD fixing problems with equipment. The atmosphere and mood varied throughout the evening – impatience, nostalgia, indifference and at one point outright hostility. The second years showed a lot of patience, and the arts and deco team did a commendable job. (Personally, I quite liked some of the posters they made – but I hope to god the guy who made the bad pun on the poster closest to F106 stays anonymous.) The general consensus was it was better than last year, and with that, the freshers began to be accepted by the campus.


One less aesthetic, but highly popular event nonetheless, was the LSD Jam. It led to the formation of two ‘bands’ that have now become fierce rivals fighting for the dubious honour of best worst band in college history: “Filth”, and “The Rolling Balls”. There are stories circulating around, of fame, glory, betrayal and breakneck competition to get into one of these bands – but I can definitely affirm one thing: this is the first band in history to appoint a tuition teacher. We at TDB wish them the best in all their future endeavours.

There were also the rains – though this was definitely not the campus’ doing (though I could have sworn I heard a candidate supporter whisper “The gods themselves approve of his victory”), it set a nice mood for sitting and dreamily staring out of the window: the T1’s are well further ahead, the chaos of the first few days had subsided, and everyone took an evening off to stop and smell the roses. Me? I was sleeping through it all.
But now, there is no such luxury. Cometh the T1, cometh the possible 10P. Beware.


Arvind Badri
Kartik Reddy


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