Editor’s Note #3

Third time’s a charm!

Three issues in and what a blast it has been! From our humble beginnings in the summer during which we collaborated from across the country, to our widely-acknowledged presence in the college now, it has been quite a ride! Now that we’re on campus, it seems like our feet have touched solid ground. And needless to say, we’ve got them planted strong.

In Issue One we dealt with stereotypes, things that are quintessentially BITSian. Soon, we followed through with a warm welcome to the newly initiated first-yearites and bid our heartfelt goodbyes to the just-graduated. And now, life on campus has gotten kick started — with the new found zeal and ambition that we shamelessly proclaim will soon fade out. We’re a bunch of morbid cynics that way!

This issue is all about competition, and hence aptly titled “The Bullpen.” With the first-yearites scurrying around to get into all the clubs they can lay their eyes on and the contestants for the elections parading in hordes to gather support, boy! College is nothing short of a zoo!

We’ve also taken the liberty of beginning the ATMOS publicity with an interview of the Technical Convener. Meanwhile the campus’ best talent is featured in the issue as well in Potpourri, and the columns- JBT and Campus Buzz- have been updated. Do remember that the slots in the magazine are open, and we’d love it if you could contribute!

Editor’s desk

The Team behind The Bullpen:

Ranjan Anantharaman
Arvind Badri
Asfiya Baig
Sairam Ganti
Chaarvi Gupta
Kushagra Mehta
Adithya Murali
Maya Nagasunder
Sanjana Pabbati
Kartik Reddy
Rahul Sapre
Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah
Aashrey Sharma
Harshit Singh
Meghana Yerabati
Rakshika Bagavathy


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