Campus Buzz #3

Placements Ahoy!


13th August, 2014, saw the re-initiation of what every civil engineer on campus dreads: the placement season. As the third year of placements begins, the campus looks to leave an indelible mark, aiming to improve the number of recruitments and companies that drop by the campus, steadily. Rumour has it that the Placement Division of the three campuses of BITS Pilani (There there, Dubai) engage in politics worse than the BITSAT 2014 Facebook group. However, irrespective of the truth of such allegations, the dream week of placements has seen companies like Microsoft, Walmart, Qualcomm, Amazon and Morgan Stanley pick their favourites from BPHC. Most of the companies also offered internships to pre-final year students. The selected few were seen rejoicing at the prospect of working in a dream company as a summer intern, allowing them to better their resume in the future, while their friends saw it as an opportunity to secure treats, burning a hole in their pockets.

If things go well, if markets stay steady, if Prime Minister Modi brings in better reforms for companies, and if the dollar-to-rupee rates do not fall, the Placement Coordinators have promised to invite and involve more core engineering firms in the placement season, this year. Let us hope that is not an unreasonable number of ‘if’s.

LSD Gets The Freshers High

The eve of Independence Day saw the first DJ Night of this year, organized by LSD – the Lights and Sound Department of our college. DJs Tushit and Prakhar – of the second and first years, respectively – got the crowd (mostly first yearites) grooving to all the club hits we know so well – and some pop hits which were surprise entries to the list. While every batch of seniors argues nothing beats their own first DJ Night, freshers are aglow in praise of the experience. One can hope LSD continues a trend of bigger and better DJ Nights, and those of you who sat this one out in your rooms will join the dance floor (erm, football grounds) the next time around.

Running for Freedom

On the occasion of the 67th National Independence day, students at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus observed the day of national pride in their own right. As a part of the celebrations, student volunteers organized a marathon within the college premises, for students and faculty members alike. Participants could choose one track out of 2.7 km, 5.5 km and 11 km, each with further divisions of age and gender (yes, that is a lot of awards). The marathon was flagged off by Prof. V.S. Rao, the director of the Hyderabad campus. According to Chaitanya Kakarla, one of the organizers of the event, the marathon had a participation of around 150 BITSians, inclusive of students and faculty members, all made possible by the joint effort of only about fifteen student volunteers. A presentation ceremony, with Dr. V.S. Rao presenting 33 awards to the awardees, concluded the event.

Post marathon, the campus witnessed the hoisting of the Tirangaa by the Director followed by a few words of wisdom from him. A beautiful rendition of the National Anthem was performed and sung by the Music Club, true to the spirit of the Independence Day. All in all, it was a wonderful show of the National Spirit.

Crowds Drowned on 17th August

janmashtamiAll drowning occurred figuratively and in (mostly) friendly spirit, of course – on the occasion of Janmashtami, organised by Maharashtra Mandal. Despite the initial damper – pun intended – thrown by BITS Standard Time, this ended up as one of the liveliest events in recent time. Repeated tussles over the handi – gang wars between second and third yearites included – left everyone in a state of happy exhaustion. Not to mention soaking wet. Midway through these episodes of chasing clay pots on confusingly tangled ropes, LSD stepped up the tempo when they (thankfully!) arrived with their speakers. With the music booming, the celebrations thus signed off as a mini DJ night.

Wildlife Sends Specialized Troops to College

Unless you have been living under a rock – which is also a rather dangerous place nowadays – you have noticed the alarming number of reptilian troops spotted crawling around the college, protesting encroachment of their lands, it would seem. Snakes have been popping up all over – SAC stairs, football ground footpath, B Block entrance, boys’ hostel basements, even in F105 during an exam last year… boy, do these creatures get around!

snakes“Seeing so many snakes has made me less scared of the lizards in my room,” claims Maya Nagasunder, while expressing concern over the dangers this situation poses. SWD advises that should you happen to spot one first hand, calmly warn the people around and inform the authorities as soon as possible. Screaming and running away and causing a panic, or alternatively, cozying up to it for Facebook profile pictures, is not advised. On the off chance that a snake gets in a strike, rushing to the Medical Centre for antidotes is the best option as of now, so basic first aid knowledge should help for those attacked at the opposite end of the campus.

Sagar Shah
Reeti Sarkar


One thought on “Campus Buzz #3

  1. It’s worth remembering that the first BPHC Marathon was organised by Kathesh Shah of the 2010 batch, and I’m certain that he would be proud to see his legacy continuing through the efforts of his juniors. 🙂

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