A Game Of Thrones – Elections Are Coming

It’s finally that time of the year when half of college stands outside, standing in large groups, in heated discussion. This is a time when friendships break, new bonds are forged, allegiances are tested and the air is heavy with anticipation. The unsuspecting junior gets called most often, and he prepares for the ordeals of another “interaction”. Little does he know that his seniors are about to become very nice people.

Confused, juniors?

Then keep your eyes peeled, because we’re only going tell you this once. Because right now, you know nothing.

  1. The Hostel Representatives/ The Sparrows – The Sparrows are the only people who look out for the common folk while the Kings and the Queens are busy playing their game of thrones. They are led by the High Septon or in our terms, the Chief Warden, who is more of a figurehead, not worried about the common folk’s misfortunes, than an actual leader. The Hostel Representatives are the only people who solve students’ problems. They work round the clock, and always deliver, irrespective of whatever happens on campus.
  2. Student’s Mess Council/ The Kings(and Queens) beyond the Wall – Some wise person said that everything’s fair in love and war. Campus believes that everything’s fair in love, war and FOOD. Mess food elicits a response from the entire campus. It doesn’t matter who are you or what you do. Mess food is everyone’s problem. Yes, problem. It has the uncanny ability to wake the beast in us. We slowly descend into mayhem, and become wildlings. We bow to no man, and fashion our own Kings and Queens beyond the Wall. In BPHC, these brave souls are called the Student’s Mess Council. They control us from slaughtering the caterers for endangering all our lives and taking away our basic right of having decent, edible food. Without them, we’d descend into further chaos.
  3. The Sports Secretary/ The Khal and the Khaleesi – The Dothraki pride themselves on their warfare. Feared by all, their honour lies in their strength and they will fight till their last breath. The sportsmen of BPHC are no less. They fight endlessly for the herd, and are brutal and merciless. Wherever they go they win laurels and to lead these highly accomplished men and women we need our own Khal and Khaleesi. They are the best among the best, for a man who cannot play is no Sports Sec.
  4. The Cultural Secretary/ The only surviving Children of the Forest – The Children are a legendary people in the series who are deeply rooted to their culture. They are the ones who taught the First Men to worship the Old Gods. The Cultural Secretary (boys’ and girls’) of BPHC connect us to our roots and unite all of us by telling us about other cultures also. They keep alive the oft-ignored cultural values that each of us upholds.
  5. The General Secretary/ The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch – The Night’s Watch is an under-appreciated order. It protects the Seven Kingdoms from external threats and without them the Wall will fall. So is the General Secretary of BPHC, he is our Lord Commander. Often not valued enough, he is the driving force of the campus. He has renounced all allegiance with all the clubs he was a part of and is a member of a neutral body. He leads an army of all the clubs and their members and has made BPHC what it is today. Without him, the clubs – our Wall – will fall.

    Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until the next college elections. I shall take no sides, hold no other posts, gather no personal fortunes. I shall wear no attitude and win no glory. I shall live and die for my post. I am the light in the darkness. I am the hope for all the clubs. I pledge my life and honour to BPHC, for this night and all the nights to come.”
    The General Secretary’s Oath

  6. The President/ The King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm – I now bring to you the leader of the Small Council. This is the most coveted title and all the houses are always at a war with each other to get it. The Iron Throne has seen all kinds of Kings – from the mad King to Robert Baratheon and everybody’s beloved, Joffrey. The President is our King. And thankfully till now, we haven’t seen any such President… or have we? This post always sees 4-5 candidates and rigorous campaigning by each and every one of them which is war-like. Who shall sit on the Iron Throne this time?

Tensions flare and old wounds are reopened, as candidates stake their honor on these oft-unpredictable elections. True drama like no other shall unfold, and finally yield a winner. And who may that be?

Only time will tell.


– Chaarvi Gupta


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