Agony of a King

In a night so silent,
And symphony so dead,
When no wise bird flutters its wing,
What keeps you awake my king?
The king didn’t say any word,
He stood still, staring at the distant moon,
As if he never heard,
The question of his friend.

Rafael moved closer to the king,
And patted on his shoulder,
Keeping his wine aside,
The king asked, “Do you remember the Battle Of Hyde?”

“Who doesn’t”, came the reply,
“Every bard on the earth, every dove in the sky,
Will sing of the battle and your victory march,
They will write about your bravery,
And pass it to their sons, and they to theirs,
Till the earth lives and the sky don’t die.”

“I would like to ask a question, if I may so”
The king nodded in approval, and went on to fill his glass,
“What bothers you, my king?
Tell me about your agony, so that I may know,
And help you fight the devil, that’s keeping your spirit so low”

Sitting on the other end of the table,
The king looked at his worried friend,
Emptying the glass in his hand,
The king spoke:
Memories of my crimson past,
Starts the pain that never last,
At times, the harsh light of reality flashes,
My mind goes numb, all my thoughts turned to ashes,
I am drowning in the river of blood I have spilled,
And dying in the pain of men I have killed,
It’s something I must live with,
It’s something I can’t deny,
The silence of their tears,
The shouts of their cry.”

“Oh! Speak not so low about yourself,
Think about the people you have freed,
From the tyranny of their king and their greed,
They trust you, they have faith in you and they worship you”
“Aah! They worship me”
Retorted the king,
They gave me fame,
Out in the streets, they do shout my name,
But there is something they don’t know about me,
That I too have a dark side,
And how I burn inside”

Tell me Rafael, “Why did the soldiers fight the battle?”
“Because you ordered them my Lord”.
And why did I fight the battle??
“To free the people of Hyde, from the atrocious rule of their king,
To give them justice, and…”
Rafael could not say any further,
“And to marry his daughter, Malena”, added the king.

When the battle was won,
I went to her chamber; she was standing by her bed,
Her ice cold eyes looked at me,
It wasn’t fear they had, they were filled with hatred,
And right there, in front me she took out a knife,
And drove the metal through her heart,
I had won the battle, but my heart was torn apart.”

Rafael stood transfixed,
Listening to the agony of his King.
“Oh! Her eyes could freeze and set blaze at the time same”
Every night, I think of that day,
There is no one but me to blame,
Every night I try to sleep, but in vain,
I close my eyes and the memory flashes,
I open up and it’s dark again”.

Rafael stood their clueless,
The king asked to accompany him to the throne.
I conquered the land and all the seven seas,
I seized everyone’s part,
But failed to win over a single heart,
Enslaved in strings of memory that never last,
I am soared by bitter winds of bygone past,
I am tired of chasing the bends,
Treading on a road that never ends”
“I do not desire to be a king anymore”
Saying this, he handed the crown to his friend,
“Look after this country and their people for me”

“But what should I tell the ministry”, asked Rafael,
“Tell them,
I could not bear the agony anymore,
I am going on journey, searching for my shore”
The king headed to the gate,
With no servants or amours on,
Rafael made no attempt to stop him,
And the king was gone.
He traversed across the seas,
He walked through deserts and forests,
Until one day, the Gods felt pity,
And poured mercy on him,
It rained sleet,
But fire was all he felt,
And with every falling drop,
The King began to melt.

Harshit Singh


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