The College Bucketlist: It’s party time until it’s not!

What you ought to do in the college while you can!

You’ve finally settled upon a new adventure: staying away from your parents – and civilization – on a campus housing three thousand odd teenagers. You’ve probably shifted around in bed in anticipation, your imagination overdoing itself, with Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ playing in the background. Heck, you’ve probably even sniffed around the college confession pages and stalked seniors on Facebook. After fruitlessly researching a million Q&A forums about the “boy-girl ratio” in every other college, of course.

Sure, college is as great as your life can possibly get, despite what your ‘n’ number of relatives have told you. But, newsflash: this honeymoon period doesn’t last too long. Although every senior enjoys the attention from starry-eyed newbies who trip over their own feet in trepidation, the magic wears off after you get used to campus life. It starts with getting rejected by the clubs you gave inductions for and the final blow lies in getting the results of your first on-campus examination. Then lo, reality hits you hard.

You’ve got, roughly, a month to reach that abysmal state of disillusionment. Until then, folks, buckle up and try getting a few stories up your sleeve. Here are some ideas that you can strike off your to-do list in your first month of college.

  1. Get the contact numbers of at least 50 of your batchmates:  Being friendly in your first week of college has its perks. You have the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and make many friends before social circles turn rigid and people become less approachable. The hardest part? Making sure you don’t mistake a senior calling (you’ll be getting calls, believe me) for a batch mate. Yep, better come up with a good index system for your contacts.If a senior interacting with you sounds friendly though, don’t be afraid to ask for his/her number either. We don’t eat juniors.
  1. Get lost in the Acad Block: The academic block has a fairly interesting architecture (Read: confusing). Besides the overly-dramatized feel of being in the dark, foggy labyrinth from The Shining, there is also the likelihood that you step into the wrong bathroom. (Do pray that it is empty when you walk in.) If your navigational skills are below par, well, better familiarize yourself with the corridors, because they might seem like they have no end.
  1. Hit on a senior girl  Nope, don’t even think of that.
  1. Hear it from the uncle at Karuturi: Forget all the advice you got from the BITSAT 2014 group. The man at Karuturi (stationery and general store) comes up with jewels of wisdom, I tell you. He’ll tell you everything from how many notebooks a 9-pointer uses in a year to what records you must not forget to turn in for a lab. So, strike up a conversation and see if you don’t walk out a better human being. Until, you lock yourself into your box of ignorance – a hostel room with a window to the big, bad world (your laptop).
  1. Wake up to see a sunrise:  This might be the toughest thing on the list, as opposed to all other expositions of badassery. Because it took me six months, I kid you not, to stay up all night, watch the sunrise and then go to sleep (in that very order). Nothing beats going for a morning walk while listening to rock music. You could also try it in the evening, but expect to go, “Well, hello, seniors”. [Interaction ensues]
  1. Play a sport with your seniors: Nothing seals a friendship like a good game on the court. So propose to play a match with your batchmates or seniors, but remember, everything comes at a price.
  1. Take advantage of the first DJ Night: The first DJ Night, organized by the LSD (Lights and Sounds Department) is not very likely to be taken seriously by the seniors – because over-enthu first-yearites tend to be a buzzkill. Use the opportunity for socializing, kids. (Unless you want to go back to the stone-ages and hit on a batchmate over the internet, which brings me to say these wise words: TIME-OUT to that, already!) You’re in college now. Keep it real. A walk together beats a chat over the internet. And definitely lose any desperate attempts to increase the deo density per unit skin mass.
  1. Get close enough to a senior to hang in his/her room: If you can find a senior friendly enough to hang out with through the night, it might turn into a bonding moment (sans the sentiment). Seniors guide you a lot in your first month, and they can inculcate the campus culture in you best. It’s also an amazing story to tell in the future, and NOT a trap. (Or is it!)

7 stories to boast about when you’re older, your skin saggy and your days confined to a wheelchair. 7 stories to tell your great-grandkids while they totter about in your yard, overlooking the sunset. And if they don’t work? 7 attempts to laugh about while smoking a Cuban cigar, tipping the dust into a cut-glass bowl, in your expensive leather chaise. Of course, even if life doesn’t work out great, still makes a great story to tell at your AA meetings. So, go ahead, and try your luck. Pull every other stunt at your own risk. But most of all? Have fun at Bits Pilani – Hyderabad Campus.

Meghana Yerabati


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