Editor’s Note #2

Hello again!

The response that we’ve gotten for the first issue, Newbie F111, has truly warmed our hearts. When we came up with the idea, we’d expected a modest response; but the amount of traffic in the site leading to it being listed under WordPress’s top ten growing blogs, really swept us off our feet. From the bottom of our hearts: thank you.

The second issue is called Full circle: the name is inspired by none other than Master Oogway (you’d know him as the tortoise from Kung Fu Panda). This fortnight is the time when life in the campus comes a full circle – with freshers of the 2014 batch getting settled in, and seniors of the 2010 batch leaving college. We bid farewell to the revered seniors who have guided us and welcome the juniors who are yet reluctant to let themselves be guided.

This issue focuses heavily on the convocation, the changes made to the campus that made us gasp, both in pleasant surprise and in shock, and includes articles by seniors that were coaxed from them a la buddy cop movies where the young, arrogant cop is sent to convince the experienced, grumpy cop to come out of retirement for just this one case.

As usual, we have our recurring columns such as Just BITSian Things and our space for you to show off your writing, photography or artwork, called Potpourri.

We hope you find it entertaining, informative and badass, just like Issue 1.

The Editor’s desk.

The Team behind Full Circle:

Arvind Badri
Asfiya Baig
Sairam Ganti
Savyasachee Jha
Garv Malik
Kushagra Mehta
Anuradha Patil
Kartik Reddy
Sayonee Ghosh Roy
Rahul Sapre
Reeti Sarkar
Sagar Shah
Aashrey Sharma
Rithvik Srinivas
Subham Soni
Hridyesh Tewani
Sriharsha Vavilala
Meghana Yerabati


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