Campus Buzz #2

Some say college is a happening place. The Daily BITSian, while refraining from commenting, gives you a gist of what’s been up around campus.

  1. Admission woes

    This year’s registrations saw their fair share of parents panicking, nervous students walking into wrong areas despite giant signboards plastered all around, and people rushing to the library to get copies of their certificates despite it being mentioned as necessary. All in all, there was nothing extraordinary, save perhaps a massive queue being built up, which stretched from the corridor outside B301 to the entrance of B-block, due to a ‘minor’ technical glitch.

    Oddly, there was a surplus of volunteers this year, which is great to see, since they’re neither paid, nor get any certificates. There were a few reports of people losing files, parents causing slight disruptions and some confusion, but overall, the admissions team handled it with great patience and some timely on-the-spot thinking. The turnout this year was also a lot better than last year, where we had to add a 5th iteration to fill all the slots vacated.

  2. One stop shoppe


    Image Credits: Asfiya Baig

    Our beloved Karuturi uncle has a new look, and so does his shop! Though it’s nothing but a slight re-arrangement of the shelves, it looks like a completely different place. On asking why he’d made the change, he humbly replies that while they were really not that busy, everyone claimed that it was ‘always full’. So Aunty and Uncle took it upon themselves to help us out, so that we’d have more space to stand, and we’d be more comfortable.  You can’t help but adore BPHC’s favourite couple.

  3. Brand Spankin’ New Auditorium

    The wait is over. Our auditorium will be inaugurated this Sunday (10/08/2014) by our Chancellor, Dr. Kumar Mangalam Birla during our third convocation. The Chief Guest for this event will be the Hon’ble Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, Chairman of Space Commission, Secretary, Department of Space, Government of India and Chairman of ISRO. Boasting of a capacity of 2555 seats, as well as many modern features, we can only wait in expectation to go see this spectacle for ourselves. While it has been finished, it is debatable whether we can freely use the auditorium, or if there’d be a myriad of permissions to be obtained before we conduct any event in it.

    image credits: Charudatta Manwatkar
    Image Credits: Charudatta Manwatkar
  4. Where them girls at

    160 in 2012. 125 in 2013. 93 in 2014. Going by this progression, BPHC will have no female students joining from the year 2017. Seriously though, everyone’s unhappy with this (not necessarily for the right reasons).

    While this might be the butt of many a joke, it is something to think about, and is happening in various institutions. Could this be a comment on the social reality that we’re facing? Are families are growing more reluctant to send their girls to far-off engineering colleges? Or are girls being given more freedom in choosing their careers? The only thing we can be sure of is that if the pattern continues, Malaviya (or Meera) Bhawan will have to start housing male students exclusively.

  5. The forbidden side of the campus

    A section of the campus is unofficially cordoned off for passersby. It’s the area behind the auditorium where construction of the rest of BPHC is still going on. Except the occasional enlightened souls who have oft seen a sunrise, jogging around the campus, this part of the campus holds mysteries for most. We have brought to you a gist of the construction that is planned for the next couple of years.

    The road that leads to the Auditorium from the gate has been cleared, and the college is all set for convocation. Those who shall be graduating this year surely have something exciting in store.

    Image credits: Asfiya Baig
    Image Credits: Asfiya Baig
  6. The ‘Seasonal’ Marine Drive

    Image credits: Asfiya Baig

    Image Credits: Asfiya Baig

    Most of the BITSians were shocked to find the eucalyptus plantation to the right of the road leading to the campus, gone. The almost symmetrical, windswept trees are, arguably, the best thing on campus. But our sources have stated that the land housing these plantations is owned by the Forest Department, and every four years, they clear the plantation to use the wood as raw material in paper factories.

    The trees to the left of the road leading to campus will be gone soon too. And new plants shall spring up all too soon due to the surplus rain this monsoon. But until they’re all grown up, bid your goodbyes!

Meghana Yerabati
Kartik Reddy


One thought on “Campus Buzz #2

  1. Firstly, why don’t we still have a swimming pool? A pool is a `effing must for any insti of any repute.

    Also, it would be great if someone could plant some trees on the roadside so that after 5 years, the place wont look barren when the next pruning season begins .

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