Registrations and the Finance Minor

I’ll Offer you an elective you can’t refuse.

Here’s what you need to register for, if you want the Finance minor. First of all, a few useful things for your course registration, whether you’re looking for a minor in Finance or not:

  • The list of all the course pre-requisites for all the courses offered is available on this BITS Pilani – Pilani campus ARCD website. Look at the third link on the left side.
  • You might also want to look carefully at this and this for useful information about degree structure and allowed electives.
  • Do check your BITS Gmail if you haven’t already done so: it contains your PR number, login details for ERP and a method to pre-register and check if there are any clashes that the ARCD should know about.

With registrations round the corner, there are certain vital questions you need to ask yourself: with limited slots in my timetable, what would I be willing to forego for one elective?

While that is the usual question, the addition of the Finance minor adds an interesting element to this choice. The institution has promised us that there will be no hiccups in registering for the finance courses: separate sections will be provided for those taking a minor in Finance. Now whether or not the separate section does materialize, this much is definite: if you’re in the third year, and you don’t want to do a summer term, you don’t have much of a choice regarding one course: Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting.

One of the bulletins given out to our BITS Gmail ID’s, reads thus: You have to do a minimum of five courses that give you a minimum of fifteen credits in total. The list below contains the courses you may choose from, with prerequisites (if any) mentioned in brackets.

Compulsory core courses

Course Code Course Name
ECON F212 Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting
FIN F315 Financial Management (Pre-req: ECON F212 Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting)

Electives (choose A minimum of 3)

Course Code Course Name
FIN F243 Functions and working of stock exchanges
ECON F355 Business Analysis and Valuation
FIN F313 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
FIN F314 Investment Banking and Financial Services (Pre-req: FIN F244 Indian Financial System)
ECON F411 Project Appraisal
FIN F311 Derivatives and Risk Management
FIN F312 Fundamentals of Taxation and Audit
ECON F312 Money Banking and Financial markets (Pre-req: ECON F211 Principles of Economics)
FIN F242 Financial Mathematics
ECON F413 Financial Engineering (Pre-req: ECON F354 Derivatives and Risk Management)
ECON F241 Econometric Methods

Now, having looked at our timetable (for Hyderabad campus, obviously), I have compiled here a list of timetable entries that is going to help you figure out which courses fit into your timetable and which ones require you to apply for a time-turner.

Timetable entries

Course Code Instructor(s) Day(s) and Hour(s)
ECON F212 Sivaramakrishna K M, W, F 8 and Th 8
FIN F315 Ramana Sonti M, W, F 8
FIN F243 Sivaramakrishna K T, Th, S 4
ECON F355 Niranjan Swain M, W, F 10 (ooh, Telepresence)
FIN F313 Ramana Sonti M, W, F 2
ECON F411 Hanumantha Rao M, W, F 3
FIN F311 C H Yaganti T, Th, S 2
ECON F312 P Lalitha T, Th, S 3 and Th 9

Of these, like I said, the one you have very little logical choice with is the Finance CDC FoFA: it is a prerequisite for the other CDC and unless you want to put yourself in a sticky situation during your last semester, you need to make sure your timetable has a space free in the 8th hour on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. If there is a discipline CDC at the same time, you should inform the ARCD about this so that they can think about shifting courses around (or taking us to the promised land: that new section for the minor students).

Apart from that, it would be interesting to know how many courses you are going to do this semester: us third yearites have have a time-crunch – 5 courses to finish in what will effectively be three semesters left. Personally, my plan for the finance minor is:

  • First semester: FoFA, if at all the restructuring happens (I am an IS student and one of my core courses clashes)
  • Second semester :Financial Management and Econometric Methods, and
  • Fourth year: SAPM and one undecided slot (for anything that may catch my fancy later)

Do join in the discussion in the comments section with your plans!

P.S.: The depression of having to forego the discipline elective offered by Dr. Bhanumurthy will sting hard forever. CS/IS + Finance students will understand.

Arvind Badri


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