The First Day Timeline

They say change is the only constant.

Over the past five years that BPHC has seen, a couple of thousand pleasantly confused, passionately exhilarated, and fervently hopeful teenagers have thronged its halls and grounds. Some of our first memories of an event, a person, or even a lifetime tend to get imprinted deep into our consciousness. They belong to a class that desist the passage of time and age. They deserve to be hung out by the window, so they may catch the sun in all their tinted glory.

We set out to find out just how the first few memories of BPHC have changed over time. The 2008 batch had no seniors, the 2009 batch had just one set of seniors to guide them. The first sight of the college, that the students lay their eyes on, has changed with every batch. The college stretched, the student population swelled and campus culture grew exponentially with the birth of a number of new clubs and fests. Here’s a gist of that change presented in the form of a timeline. See for yourselves how much BPHC has changed. Or rather, how little.

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Compiled by,
Meghana Yerabati


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