Message From a Senior

When I was asked to write an article for the 2014 batch of students, none of it felt right at first. I’m a 2011 batch guy, my quota of campus fun is over. With just one semester left on campus, I am as possessive of the campus as any high school girl would be of her boyfriend. 2014 batch only meant more strangers to me, who will now use what was once mine. The very thought of you guys arriving at the campus displeased me. But later on, I realized that no matter what my opinion of you guys is, this place will as rightfully be yours as it was mine, and now, it makes me more than happy to share my experiences with you. I won’t give you clichéd insights about classes, clubs, fests or the mess. I will tell you more about the place and how I lived here.

This place doesn’t make you mature. Neither does it give you clarity about life, nor does it teach you something out-of-this-world. I realized this very recently. A parent came over to the campus after first iteration results were out and asked me how varied the career prospects were if his kid chose ECE over CS at the Hyderabad campus. Within the next ten minutes, I got a call from my ECE batchmate, asking me if he should revise his subjects for placements or learn coding for IT companies. This place won’t clear your doubts, but it will definitely give you the opportunity to choose, to fail, to fall, to learn, to get up, and to move on.

As many luxuries as you might have, you will inevitably learn some things the hard way. You will miss home food and crave for it. You will wash your own undergarments and clean your own room (no matter how lazy college makes you, try to do at least these two things – trust me on the consequences if you don’t). You will also discover how beggars can’t be choosers as you run around the hostel searching for food at midnight and end up with a leftover Parle-G packet.

Come here with an open mind, freak out and enjoy the independence. Experience high CGPAs, low CGPAs, fest-time romances, test-time offences, victorious elections, devastating elections, and anything you can ever think of. Every time you think of college after leaving this place, you should have a smile on your face. I have gone to the extent of being so crazy, that half the college till date believes that I’m homosexual. It’s one epic level of frenzy when you run semi-naked in a hostel corridor, while being chased by the chaukidar, and run into a stranger’s room to hide, only to burst out into laughter as you see the look on the stranger dude’s face. (You don’t necessarily have to do this. This is probably one of the reasons why people think I’m homosexual.)

Experience life, experiment with life, do what you love and love what you do. Have a great college life ahead. And why wouldn’t you? This is BITS Pilani – it’s magic!

Rajshekar Behar
Picture Credits: Priya Chowdhary


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